Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder than can occur at any age in both men and women. Most commonly, psoriasis first appears as thick, flaky patches of skin on the elbows, knees, or other parts of the body. The patches may be silver or red.
In some cases, psoriasis is so mild that people don’t know they have it. At the opposite extreme, severe psoriasis may cover large areas of the body. Psoriasis cannot be passed from one person to another, though it is more likely to occur in people whose family members have it.
The underlying psoriasis cause is unknown. However, it can be genetically inherited or passed from generation to generation. Most researchers agree that the immune system is somehow mistakenly triggered, which speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells. A normal skin cell matures and falls off the body’s surface in 28 to 30 days. But a psoriatic skin cell takes only three to four days to mature and move to the surface. Instead of falling off (shedding), the cells pile up and form the lesions. Possible triggers include: Stress, injury, illness, infection, steroids, and reaction to medications. Psoriasis is not an infection and it is not contagious.
Dry, red patches of skin are the most well-known symptoms of psoriasis. The skin replaces itself more quickly than normal, causing excess skin cells to pile up in thick layers. Roughly half of people with psoriasis also have irregular fingernail growth that results in pitting, crumbling, or discoloration of the nail. A smaller proportion of people also experience arthritis symptoms.
Because psoriasis is a chronic condition that can progress over time, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis and to understand the challenges and risks that accompany the disease.
There are a range of treatment options for psoriasis including topical (applied to the skin), systemic (taken internally) and phototherapy (ultraviolet light applied to the skin).
Effective treatment of all but mild to moderate forms of psoriasis usually includes a combination of treatment options and requires a prescription and medical guidance.
The treatment of psoriasis has improved greatly with the understanding of the role of the immune system in causing skin abnormalities. However, treatment of psoriasis has been limited by the side-effects of the medications used.
The most commonly used medications such as topical steroids, methotrexate, cyclosporine, and psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA) can only be used for a limited time. After stopping these medications, symptoms generally return over a variable amount of time. Amevive is unique in that it was well-tolerated in clinical trials and induced a remission of symptoms for up to 1 year after the treatment was discontinued.
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The Effectiveness of Natural Psoriasis Treatments

Olive oil presents a safe remedy for psoriasis. Research and positive thinking but it took a lot of
determination. Whats more, natural psoriasis treatments are better for treating the skin ailment as
you know it works for you. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for psoriasis where you
need to mix it with water to form a mixture. While IT has been his passion, a bigger passion has
been reading and writing. The skin condition is now well under control. This is because though the
creams and skin lotions do provide some remedy from the irritation and swelling of psoriasis, they
do not give long time remedy. Only after research and visits to proper specialist did he find out that
it was psoriasis. Irritation and inflammation of your skin apply this mixture to the problem areas
and you will experience a marked relief in the scaling. Any subsequent recurrence of the condition
will not be so severe so good is this treatment option that it not just clears the skin of psoriasis, in
fact. You have to use this olive oil either for bathing or for as a body massage oil depending on the
type of psoriasis you suffer from. Over the last 2 years he has been publishing articles on various
subjects. You also needs to soak yourself in water not only should you drink at least two liters of
water daily to keep you body moisturized. A nutritious diet and lifestyle is also valuable for
everyone, especially psoriasis sufferers. Soaking in a bathtub or even just applying a wet towel on
the scaling skin do that by going swimming. Generally warm and stable climates are more
favorable to psoriasis sufferers while salt water and sun together help in the regression of this skin
problem. And is also a great natural psoriasis treatment water is always good for health. Dead Sea
salts are a traditional natural healer which works magically over the psoriasis affected areas. Once
the skin moistens, you not only find relief from the burning and irritation of psoriasis, you can also
gently try to remove any dead skin. There are no unwanted side effects too moreover, as it is a all natural
remedy. However as there could be risk of these medications interacting with any
prescription medicine you take; be sure you consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
There are numerous herbs that help treat psoriasis and other skin conditions by eliminating toxic
buildup in the body system and by purifying the body. Gels and lotions skin specialists provide
psoriasis sufferers should generally try natural psoriasis treatments rather than the many topical
creams. Interestingly it was initially diagnosed as eczema. While there isn’t any specific diet
psoriasis followers need to follow, and many that aggravate the condition there are a few foods
that improve. How effective they are actually depend on the individual while there are so many
natural psoriasis treatments available. Chris is an IT consultant who has been in the industry for
more than 20 years. Interest in Psoriasis started since a relative was diagnosed with it. Vitamins,
minerals and natural herbal products containing ingredients like milk thistle, mountain grape and
yellow dock all work as natural psoriasis treatments furthermore. But also expensive gels and skin
lotions on a trial and error method is not only irritating and time consuming, trying out all other
topical creams. Different remedies work differently with different people; so it is only after trying
various options you will be able to find the best cure for your psoriasis.

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