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Best INDIAN HEALING CLAY-Benonite Facial Mask & Detox Bath Clay – Ultra Clean PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE!

I got interested in natural and organic products because of the dangers in our food and personal care products (the toxins in many ingredients scared me!)

But very recently I found a product I am excited about for my family that we are using for detoxing (although the seller is careful not to make any medical or healing claims because of FDA rules.) It is a Sodium Bentonite Clay and some people call it an Indian Healing Clay. My husband and I do clay facial masks once a week and we (and my two children) are also taking detox clay baths (be sure you recharge your electrolytes after bathing – the seller also makes a point to say to check with your doctor before starting any detox program. )

The clay facial is done with filtered spring water (or organic apple cider vinegar if you are really adventuresome) and you get enough clay in the 20 oz bag to do 25-35 facials for less than the price of ONE Clay Mask Facial at a SPA ! – And your face will feel so soft after the facial (make sure to use a good safe moisturizer afterwards.)

I had never done a "CLAY BATH" before -have you? It only makes sense to do whatever you can to detox your body. The dry clay is a very fine powder and the bath is not gooey or muddy or anything (it's more like the consistency of chocolate milk.) This clay mixes well but I did read about some others that clump.

I get a kick out of getting to order on because it's easy to shop and delivery is fast (love the satisfaction guarantees) so that's where I got this Ultra Pure Clay Harmony. The follow up from the seller was awesome (now days good service like this is hard to find!) – They emailed me a few times to ensure I got my clay and then emailed me the directions for using the clay!

If you decide you want to buy this clay to do a clay facial or clay detox bath then just click the link below to order yours (It's no risk with their satisfaction guarantee!) And please share your results by coming back here (or on an Amazon review) after you place your order and get your own Ultra Pure Clay Harmony!

Check out this skin care product now

Research shows that up to one In eight Ingredients In Personal Care Products Are Toxic! (Heavy metals, carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors!) Since the skin allows substances to both enter & exit the body and we absorb up to 60% of what we put on it this puts us at risk for disease when exposed to toxins. – And children's bodies absorb up to 50% more than adults putting them at even higher risk!
Most clays on the market are not pharmaceutical grade but there is research showing that Clay Can Contain Bacteria, Viruses, Molds Or Yeast Unless Cleaned & Purified Properly. For that reason Ultra Pure Clay Harmony is 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade (Exceeding Mere Cosmetic or Food Grade) and is Air Cleaned, Hypo-allergenic & Guaranteed To Be Free Of Bacteria, Viruses, Molds Or Yeast!

100% Sodium Bentonite Clay which has the highest ionic charge & drawing power!

-binds with and draws positively charged impurities and toxins to the skin's surface where they can be washed away leaving the skin refreshed, purified looking, & feeling amazing after a facial, wrap or bath!

Supports balancing of the body -beliefs in the beneficial healing & revitalization secret properties of clays have been traced back to as far as 2,500 BC to ancient civilizations all over the world like the Aztec & Native American tribes!

Used for Masks,Wraps,& More!
-Perfect for deep pore cleansing!
-Full Body & Foot Baths: Fall in love with the incredible calming effects of bathing your stress & impurities away!
-Easy Clean-Up! -Disperses easily in water -virtually no clumping -safely rinses down the drain.
-Packs, Patches and Poultices-Can be applied on localized sites for extended periods of time.

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