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Best Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

Best Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks remain to become a bane to a lot of individuals. They are associated with pregnancy, puberty, obesity, and abrupt weight gain or weight loss. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, there are now treatment methods like laser surgery.

Laser surgery is one of the most highly advanced technologies in plastic surgery today. Thanks to this technology, it may now be treated without the need for invasive surgical procedure. If you have been in desperate search for a solution, than the might be the best technology for you personally.

What are Stretch Marks?

It form because of the abrupt over-stretching of the skin (such as in pregnancy and rapid weight gain). Once the layers of the skin become torn or damaged due to overstretching, they’re immediately replaced by either collagen or scarring. Once the excess weight is lost, these markings remain and appear as light pink (sometimes with a tinge of purple) threads. They normally grow about the thighs, belly, hips, arms and breasts.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery removal is actually a non-surgical method of removing it. It does not involve incisions or scarring. Since the term itself suggests, it uses controlled laser light that moves carefully over the affected area. The laser works by disturbing cells of the scar tissue to the stage that they are divided.

When the scar tissues split up, new skin cells and collagen grows and fills the region. Laser removing stretch marks thus stimulates cell regrowth and healing of scarring brought on by stretchmarks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Surgery
Laser surgery is very convenient because it is non-invasive. There isn’t any recovery time or incisions to think about. There aren’t any major health risks and is more affordable and fewer complicated than surgery.

However, when compared with natural treatment options, the laser procedure will require some quantity of expense. You’ll have to spend from $400 to as much as $1,500 for every session, by having an average of 10 sessions required for leads to be seen.

Side effects for its removal through laser are extremely rare, but could include some tolerable swelling and bruising and minor scarring and blistering in the affected area. Pigmentation may also appear but will usually go away within a couple weeks.

Does Laser Removal Work?
Laser treatment is shown to be effective for removing these unwanted lines. However, this method may not work for every stretchmark. The effectiveness of laser may depend on the severity and also the age, as well as individual factors including hormones and genes. Generally, older stretch marks are difficult to treat.

Other Options its Removal
Laser surgery for it can bring you closer to a stretch mark-free, more beautiful body. Laser treatment is best supplemented through the right skin care products that can effectively heal scarring and tissue damage brought on by the skin’s over-stretching.

Moreover, the very best treatment for stretch is still prevention. Although stretch marks brought on by pregnancy can be difficult to prevent, staying away from unhealthy crash diets and sudden weight gain-weight loss “yoyo” can help avoid the occurrence of more stretch marks to bother with.

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