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Black Skin And Its Typical Problems

I have dark skin and I have multiple skin troubles. I have rough skin to start with and on top of it, I get razor bumps. I was truly tired of them and could not comprehend what was triggering it. Since I had such a tough time getting some solutions, I decided I'll share a couple of tricks that I found out along the way that made a big change.

Initially, if you have uneven skin and wish to attempt a professional treatment, I encourage you to initially see this video. It will offer you a clear understanding of what to do or not to do going with such treatment. Also, ways to choose the best office or doctor to do it.

My second concern was razor bumps. I found out that the only 100 % effective treatment is to let the beard grow. After growing to a particular length, the hair will not grow back into the skin. I didn't shave for 4 weeks and throughout that time I applied a moderate cortisone cream that reduced the swelling. It worked like magic. I hope you find it helpful.

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