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The most used noninvasive treatment at most of the dermatology clinics is Botox, an injectable procedures produced by Allergan. Clients of all ages have diverse advantages of considering Botox.

Botox was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for utilize in 1989 for treatment of eye muscle disorders, which include spasm. This foe-turned-friend hails from the nerve toxin that causes botulism, an infrequent nevertheless life-threatening disease from bacterium Clostridium botulinum. These rod-shaped spores can develop in badly prepared or saved foods, the intestines of babies, and infected wounds.

“I’ve had people as early as their 20’s and early 30’s query about Botox, and  it  really depends on one’s inherited genes, nutrition, and exposure to the sun” says Dr. Saghy Motamedy.  “There is no “age” for Botox for people with wrinkles and you’re not completely happy, it might be repaired with Botox,” she reported.

Aside from reducing wrinkles for the short term, Botox (or Dysport) may also be used to raise eyebrows in a natural manner, and helps to enhance the shape of a patient’s face to allow them an increasingly vibrant, alert looking overall look.

Although the brow and forehead are still the most typical place of injection, here are many of the more recent ways dermatologists are utilizing Botox:

Eyebrows can be slightly lifted to improve angles and arches.  Should a woman, for example, looks unhappy or heavy – or simply manly – Botox will give her a happier, more open appearance.

Heavy creases or dimpling in the chin is often decreased.  The corners of the mouth that start to sag from gravity and time could be raised.

Many creases in the neck associated either with getting old or gaining weight might be eliminated.  The chest just on top of the cleveage area may build up creases when females spend a lot of time in the sun. Botox injections can soften some of those lines.

A lot of clients seek Botox for the problem hyperhidrosis, also also known as increased sweating, for areas like the palms of the arms, armpits, and feet.

Migraine headache victims will get pain relief by getting Botox injections in the sides or back of the head, forehead or brow area.

Botox was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for cosmetic uses in 2002 and causes little to no pain, and is accomplished without down time in under 15 minutes, with a tiny chance of complications.

How long do Botox and Dysport last?

The results of Botox last for about 3 months, that can increase after frequent injections. Consult the doctor at your local cosmetic medical centers.

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