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Cigarettes And Alcohol Contribute To Aging.

A woman becomes very sad when looking at herself in the mirror with each subsequent year. The reason is in the skin that gradually loses the appeal, which was in her youth. Its elasticity, healthy shine and blush are being lost, wrinkles appear. All this does not make a woman attractive and settle sadness in her soul. There is a very important issue for women: How to slow aging?

The most frequent answer to the question: How to slow the aging of the skin – is an offer to stop smoking. And do not be surprised and expect that now we will read the next lecture about “the harm of smoking”, is not the case. A burning cigarette is the emission of tars and toxins that are inhaled by the smoker and everyone around and makes a lot more harm than nicotine.

Human skin is a sponge, which absorbs substances from the environment in which it resides. Thus, all that filth, which is released by burning cigarettes, is absorbed through the skin. Therefore the call to stop smoking has a greater meaning when we are talking about how slow the aging of the skin.

With regard to alcohol, it takes moisture from the body. Reduction of moisture in the body always has a negative impact on the skin, leading to its dryness. Besides alcohol adversely affects the liver and poor condition of liver affects the skin too. Generally speaking, all the gastro-intestinal problems are reflected on the face and the human skin.

The human body is a complicated thing, there are such relationships that are not known to medicine. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels. This will apply to the capillaries, which are concentrated in the skin in great numbers. As a result, one day red veins will become visible on the face.

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