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Cures For Psoriasis – Exploring The Options When It Comes To Psoriasis Treatment

Upon being diagnosed with any disease or condition, the most natural question would be what is required to cure it. In the case of psoriasis however, most people are disappointed to hear the news that no cures for psoriasis currently exist in the medical world. To make matters worse, despite there being several options to treat the problem many people discover that they are not as effective as they would have hoped, and can have some negative side effects.

So, in the absence of any real remedies for psoriasis, most doctors’ would suggest the use of various lotions, creams and bath oils to help soothe the skin and ease the scaly rash that forms when psoriasis is present. Although there are not any real unwanted side effects from these treatments, they only really work in very mild cases of psoriasis. Corticosteroid creams are also sometimes prescribed and may be more effective than other topical treatments, however they can cause thinning of the skin so prolonged use is not advised.

For more severe cases, or when topical treatments had no or little effect, light therapy can be used. Special sun lamps emit UV rays onto areas of the skin where psoriasis is present. It is not fully understood how light therapy helps, but tests have shown it appears to slow down the rapid production of skin cells that manifest as psoriatic rashes on the skin of sufferers. Although shown to be an effective treatment in moderate cases of psoriasis, the results only last for as long as treatments continues and psoriasis often comes back when stopped.

In the most severe cases there are various drugs that may be prescribed as possible cures for psoriasis, many of which act as immune system suppressants to be either injected or taken orally. As with any course of medication, close supervision is necessary to monitor any side effects of the treatment. Increased toxicity levels in the body caused by the chemical nature of the drugs are also of concern, and regular tests are required throughout treatment.

Many people are put off by the prospect of a lifetime of dependence on drugs or light therapy, and often seek out alternative therapies and cures for psoriasis. These often revolve around taking a more holistic approach to psoriasis treatment, and can combine changes to diet and lifestyle with various natural supplements to help the body maintain a natural balance.

Supporters of this form of treatment often cite levels of toxicity in a persons body, acquired through processed food and polluted air, as the main cause of the immune system malfunction that occurs in psoriasis. This puts it at odds with those in the medical world who would prescribe drugs that actually increase the levels of toxins in the body, which some would argue would make the problem of psoriasis worse in the long run and reduce your chances of becoming psoriasis free for life.

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