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Dermatitis Natural Remedies – 3 Home Remedies That Really Work

More commonly known as eczema, dermatitis is a common but extremely irritating skin problem which can be a self sustaining one. The itching it causes leads to scratching, which leads to – you guessed it, more eczema!

The more you scratch, the more it spreads – and the more it itches! It can be a real drain on your life, not to mention your peace of mind, which is why finding a treatment which works is so important. Thankfully there are some very effective natural dermatitis remedies you can use to find relief from eczema.

Before we discuss the home remedies, let’s understand some of the reasons for this condition.

In many cases, eczema may be caused by an allergic reaction. You may be allergic to something in your diet, or it could be a skin care product or laundry detergent you use. It may also be hereditary in nature. There are also natural environmental factors which can contribute to the condition; and being dehydrated can also be a cause.

Since there are many different potential causes of dermatitis, there are also a lot of different remedies you can try, one or more of which should be able to provide you with some much needed relief.

Here are some simple home care solutions that you can start using for this problem

1) Calamine lotion is great to use if you need to relieve the itching and soothe the blisters which can be part of an eczema flare up. Use it twice daily, applying a thin layer to the affected area.

2) Another excellent way to treat this problem is to use cool compress. Take a soft cotton cloth and fold it several times to have many thick layers of the cloth. Dip this cloth in cold water and apply it to your rashes. This treatment even works well if you have blisters on your skin. Regular use will help you get rid of it.

3) Hydrocortisone cream works for many people who suffer from eczema. You can find it over the counter in just about any drugstore or pharmacy and it can bring some greatly needed relief from the itching and inflammation of dermatitis flare ups.

Try some of the above to get started.

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