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Discover How I Lost Weight And Lost My Psoriasis As Well

If you suffer from Psoriasis what I can tell you is that it just may be possible for you to be rid of it.
I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN but I have had personal experience and let me tell you that I have been Psoriasis free on my body since 1998.

What I wanted to achieve was to lose weight so I did a detox which required me to eat fruit and vegetables. Through my journey of gaining a new body, I was able to figure out what my triggers were for Psoriasis which eventually ended up with me not only losing the dress size that I wanted to but I didn’t count on losing the Psoriasis as well!

My psoriasis suffering started when I was really stressed out through personal problems and it started with 3 spots above my hip. Within 3 months it had spread in patches across my tummy and on my knees. Within 6 months it was in patches everywhere from my neck down and winter was terrible! The hot showers to warm me up did not do anything for my skin. It flaked more. I had been to numerous doctors that suggested tar cream, steroid creams, cold baths, luke warm baths, also to air the areas – but I was so embarrassed by them I wore jeans constantly to hide them. Someone suggested a hair shampoo because it was a dandruff stopper. Weird, but i tried it. When I was touring around the USA I found a moisturizing cream that gave a lot of relief. That was Palmer’s Cocoa Butter triple formula – so cheap but very relieving. It was a plus that the fragrance was 100% better smelling than the tar cream!

I jumped in with 2 feet to do the detox cleanse talking myself in to it 2 days prior, had only one coffee the next morning, then no coffee the day before i started. I bought my fruit and i started. I followed the diet to the letter with exception of sprouts.
Day 1 It was ok, I had a headache but I persevered. I drank lots of water to fill me up and just ate my watermelon. Day 2 Yikes I was starving! I had chosen pineapple for my fruit choice. I did find by the end of the day it was like my mouth was a little bit raw and ‘bitey’ for lack of a better description from the pineapple. Day 3 I was slightly more used to it and loved the fruit. Day 4 Things started to change on my skin. It dawned on me that my skin wasn’t itchy. I did dismiss it at the time because I was so used to have days where it did not itch I thought it was one of those times. Day 5 I noticed that I had fresh new skin under the flaky skin. Realizing that not only was I losing weight and cleansing my system of all the toxins but I was getting rid of my Psoriasis too! It had been since 1995 that I had seen myself with normal skin. Day 6 It started to just snowball the patches got smaller and smaller. Day 7 The same – the reduction in lesion size was truly amazing. It was so rapid by this stage that most of it had gone by the 9th day. Day 10 I wore shorts. And I’ve never looked back. My skin is back to normal!

By process of elimination, I was able to work out that while a certain food or drink didn’t cause the irritation and overdose of them certainly stirred them up. My trigger was chicken. I was eating a fair amount of it as i didn’t like red meat but what i didn’t realize was the amount of hormones in the chicken was having a drastic effect on my already over productive skin cells. I eat chicken at least twice a week now as opposed to 5 nights a week back then. I found eggs also affected me. These days I can happily have my Sunday morning breakfast and/ or the odd egg during the week plus my 2 nights of chicken without a flare up. The key is MODERATION!!! I love my chicken.

I have been Psoriasis free since 1999. My skin irritations disappeared and it was as simple as doing a detox diet. I cook from scratch and very rarely buy anything with preservatives or hormones – to my knowledge anyway, which I truly believe is the secret of a healthy body. I don’t have frozen meals in the freezer, unless I’ve cooked them. I don’t buy frozen foods – they are so high in preservatives that there is no possible way that it is good for you. Only my opinion of course knowing what I’ve been through. Don’t waste any more money on creams or ointments. If you treat your body inside first you will see results on the outside.

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