Dermasolve Cream

Eczema Cream – Mother Nature's Way

Dermatitis patients understand, just too well that dealing with dermatitis is a delicate balancing act, with numerous over the counter products triggering flare ups or added long term skin problems.

Bursting With Nature have actually produced an uniquely premium solution to calm irritated and broken skin.
They based their conclusion on clinical research in the USA which identified that high quality Grade 'A' African Shea butter is capable of not only reduce the number of flare ups suffered, but also calm even the most harmed skin rapidly to assist prevent flare ups becoming long term skin lesions with continued scratching.

This chemical & paraben free cream delivers high levels of vitamins and minerals topically and provides a thick barrier cream to guarantee that all your natural moisture continues to be inside your skin.

Combine this with a fast acting 'anti itch' quality, which is natural to high quality Shea butter and the effect of dermatitis can be substantially reduced for the sufferer. There is no cure for dermatitis today but a natural, high quality treatment is now readily available.


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