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Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Cream with Manuka Honey – Non-greasy Soothing and Moisturizing Cream

Manuka Honey has long been understood in New Zealand as a very powerful aid for wellness and healing. More than any other honey, it is understood to have strong antiseptic features – it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral – and beneficial in preventing infections in wounds.

Manuka honey has in fact been authorized by the United States Food & Drug Administration as a clinical compound for injury care. There are naturally numerous grades of Manuka Honey, with differing levels of the most active ingredients, and Wild Naturals uses only the clinical grade FDA inspected honey in the skin cream.

Manuka honey is collected from bees that primarily use the Manuka tree/shrub as the source of their nectar, in wild and natural safeguarded environments that ensure it is pure nature and 100 % free from man-made chemicals.

Manuka and its cousin Melaleuca are both known as "Tea Tree", a name going back to Captain James Cook utilizing their leaves for making tea in the late 1700's.

The Manuka Honey is combined with Aloe Vera, Blue-Green Algae and with Cehami in the Wild Naturals Moisturizing Skin Cream, providing a cream that nurtures, moisturizes and secures your skin without any of the harmful ingredients found in a lot of other creams.

Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Moisturizing Skin Cream is made with natural ingredients (mainly organic food-grade nutrients) supplying extraordinary soothing effects and moisturizing relief for delicate, scratchy, dry, aggravated, swollen skin, including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

It consists of both Manuka Honey and Cehami in addition to cocoa oil, shea butters and many various other mainly organic nutrients. Scent free, non-allergenic, gluten free, non-greasy formula includes every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and amino acid your skin requires for cellular regeneration. It's a complete skin care solution}.

The Wild Naturals formula is truly different – it contains no water, mineral oils, alcohol, artificial fragrances, parabens or any other substances known to make your skin dry and aggravated. It has clinical grade Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera, shea butter, vitamins A, C, D, B and E plus a unique grade of blue green algae which provides crucial trace minerals straight to skin cells.

Wild Naturals Skin Cream includes unique organic oils found in nature that are ideal to work with your skins biology … like hemp seed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. The Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera is a penetrative carrier … which carrries the various other nutrients in our cream into the cellular level. Wild Naturals Skin Cream hydrates and hydrates without being sticky or greasy. It keeps assisting your skin all day long … use once in the morning and once in the evening!

The Manuka Honey is a unique honey found only in New Zealand – and the only food ever authorized in the United States by the FDA as an anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral medication! Also used is Cehami – an Australian flower extract – 3 times more active than Aspirin as an analgesic (pain and itch relief) as well as a powerful moisturizer. Provides outstanding natural relief.

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