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Effects of Weight Loss on Your Skin

While you should be commended for losing all that weight it is important to remember that the journey is not over, there are bad effects weight loss can have on your skin.

You many now find yourself with a fair amount of loose skin on your newly slimmed down frame. Skin can collect around your arms, legs and stomach as well as on your face, which for some people is the worst. Don’t worry thought this can be rectified with the correct skin care.

It’s quite amazing to think that your skin is actually the body’s largest organ and when you care for it properly the results will really shine through. There are many areas of the face that might quite not look how you had pictured when you started your journey such as arounf your eyes, chin and cheeks.

The first and most effective method for improving the skin on your face is to massage your face on a regular basis this will stimulate the facial muscles and tighten your skin in those problem areas. Massaging your skin will also help it to adapt to your new face shape, tightening to form around a now slimmer structure. This way you will be able to have a smoother younger looking face the way you imagined when you started your weight loss program.

Skin Care as You Age

Remember that your skin is there to protect your body from outside diseases and bacteria. If you use proper skin care procedures you will be able to restore your skin and make yourself look younger at the same time. One of the many features of the skin is to provide protection from harmful UV light emitted by the sun.

As much as we are thankful for the protective qualities of the skin it is also the first thing that gives away your age. If you overexpose your skin to the sun then you can give yourself some not so nice ailments.


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