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Get Better Skin With Infrared LED Light Therapy

The function of light therapy, especially LED infared light, has a outstanding impact on skin to slow metabolism and slow cellular activity with visible aging signs. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and was originally developed by NASA LED technology through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for giving first aid in care of minor injuries and lesions to cause healing. The Baby Quasar Photorejuvenation Light Therapy Device is such a device.

It can be used on face, hands, arms, or other areas you wish to improve your appearance. After the first treatment to the skin, you’ll be surprised how much smoother and more hydrated it will appear with a natural freshness. Photorejuvenation is what light therapy does to encourage the body’s own healing power to improve the appearance and quality of skin. Light therapy rejuvenation also creates a more youthful appearance according to research studies. The most advanced noninvasive technique available to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, lines, furrows, creases, and crow’s feet is Light Therapy. Also, it has domonstrated the reduction of acne scarring as well as being effective in treating inflamation, burns, cuts, bruises, strains, sprains, and similar injuries. Moreover, it can lessen rosacea (skin redness), age spots, large pores and acne scars.

Photorejuvenation is a name that refers to all machines and treatment that use powerful wavelengths of light, sometimes called “cold laser”, applied to the skin. When applied correctly, this sophisticated skin care treatment can radically improve the appearance of skin giving it extra firmness and elasticity.  Check out the Baby Quasar Red Light Therapy product. Red (visible light) and infrared (invisible light) helps increase fibroblasts in the creation of collagen. Environmental internal stress causes collagen, the protein that enables elasticity of the skin and bones, to degenerate over time making the skin less elastic thereby causing wrinkles.

The red light wavelengths between 660 and 1200 nm have been clinically proven that they activate ATP (cellular energy) in skin cells and amplifies the production rate of collagen for a few days at a time. The synthesis of collagenous tissue is stimulated under the wrinkled skin with the correct light wavelength. To keep the skin firmer with less lines giving it a more youthful appearance, a number of red light therapy devices are often used two or three times a week. Having an infrared LED light therapy home device is less costly overtime because you don’t have to see cosmetologists, esestheticians, dermatologists, or spas for the therapy. It can be your own personal at-home therapy!


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