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Getting Your Skin Ready For Summer

When it comes to making your tan last as long as possible there are several skin care tips and tricks you can try to really help your skin without having to resort to dangerous tanning beds.

Drinking lots of water hydrates both your body and your skin, if your know you’re going to be out in the sun a lot try and up your intake of water to keep your skin extra fresh. Half the appeal of the summer months are the long lazy evenings you get to spend in the beer garden of your favourite pub, and who doesn’t look forward to one too many drinks whilst their off on their holidays? Unfortunately too much alcohol isn’t just bad for your liver and memory recollection; it’s also bad for the skin as alcohol dehydrates too, so you may want to think about cutting back on the drinking if you want to give your new skin care routine the best chance possible.

Vitamin E is perfect for your skin to as it helps the skin regenerate so foods like nuts, fruit and vegetables like apples, apricots, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds are all great for your skin. Vitamin E has also become very popular with skin care products too as it’s scientifically recognised to help fight the signs of aging which is another side effect of too much sun. All this will get your skin care routine in top shape.

If you feel like really indulging, spa breaks are a great way of pampering your skin not to mention being the perfect place to pick up some expert advice on keeping your skin in the best condition possible as well as being great at getting you in the relaxed summer frame of mind.

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