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How To Slow Aging? Some Means.

Production of means of slowing aging is one of the main activities of cosmetic companies. Women who have reached the middle age hope for miraculous creams and lotions that will leave their skin young and fresh, smooth wrinkles, correct the harm caused by solar radiation – that is will hide the signs of aging. Very excessive demands are made to such means, but studies show that when using regularly, some of them comply with these requirements to a certain extent.

Alpha-hydroxide acid (AHA).

These substances are part of a huge number of skin care products – from the most expensive and modern to traditional ones. Alpha-hydroxide acid is produced from natural raw materials such as milk, apples and sugar cane. Depending on the concentration, they have exfoliating effect of different strength, from weak to moderate, clean pores and remove dead cells from the skin surface.

Skin becomes softer and smoother. AHA also contributes to regeneration of skin cells, has a rejuvenating effect on it. Concentrated acids, which are usually used only by specialists-dermatologists, make the skin more elastic; improve the condition of collagen and elastic fibers. AHA, as a rule, is used 1-2 times a day, after cleansing and before applying a moisturizing cream.

Attention! Use the AHA with caution as it may cause redness, burning, flaking and itching. These side effects last for a short time and pass when a regular use.

AHA can increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. Therefore, before leaving the house, apply a strong sunscreen on the skin.

Beta-hydroxide acid (BHA).

As for the structure, these substances differ from AHA, but the effect on the skin is the same. Some studies have shown that the BHA has stronger exfoliating effect. BHA irritates the skin less, rarely cause dryness and roughness. For the time being they are not particularly popular, but, apparently, soon their role will become more significant.

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