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How to Treat Eczema

Eczema and psoriasis are both chronic skin conditions which will be simply confused by the layperson, however a dermatologist can typically be able to inform the two apart simply from looking at the symptoms.  However each skin diseases have distinct causes and require very different treatments, understanding the variations will help with getting an correct diagnosis from a dermatologist. 

Whereas studies have shown that both eczema and psoriasis appear to have a genetic relation, both have entirely triggers and causes.  However if you’re feeling the need for absolute certainty during a diagnosis of eczema vs. psoriasis then a skin biopsy will be performed.

Eczema vs. psoriasis is characterized by skin that is itchy, scaly, and in severe cases may be raw, red, and might conjointly bleed.  Raised patches of reddish skin on the other hand indentify psoriasis; a white or silvery layer sometimes covers these patches and therefore the knees, elbows, scalp and lower back are most typically affected. 

Whereas psoriasis additionally appears in red, itchy patches there are sometimes silver or whitish layers on the patches, and the skin lesions might additionally be painful.  The areas that are littered with skin lesions can additionally help to see if someone is affected by eczema or psoriasis.

The treatment of eczema vs. psoriasis sometimes involves the use of moisturizing creams that facilitate to keep up the natural oils of the skin.  Psoriasis on the other hand isn’t related to allergies and will generally happen in parallel with psoriatic arthritis.  On the other hand skin lesions that appear on the inner arm and the back of the knees are typically symptomatic of eczema. 

In severe instances of eczema there might be the necessity to prescribe antibiotics to stop bacterial infection where the skin is cracked and a risk of bacteria getting into the lesions is possible.

In the case of psoriasis there are completely different types of treatment which will be used to get the disorder below management and ultimately to cure the disease.  Some treatments will work for both eczema and psoriasis, though this is often not always the case as some cases of either disease want specific treatments. 

It’s necessary to stay away from scratching when addressing both diseases as broken skin can result in the likelihood of bacterial infection.  A dermatologist will be in a position to assist verify the diagnosis, though a skin biopsy might help to further make sure an initial diagnosis of either eczema or psoriasis.

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