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Is Honey A Cure For Acne?

the fact a gigantic number of folks have acne in the world has made a condition where almost everything is tested for efficiency as a treatment of this problem. There are however many people who prefer the natural way. Of all the options that you might have thought possible, the sweet, sticky and gooey honey is one. Is like a complete opposite of your common acne solution system, read on for more.

Does honey actually help treat acne? Well, partially yes. Honey is not the best answer to acne but it does have some properties that make it apt for problem skin. First of them is the antibacterial properties that it possesses. Acne causing bacteria also known as P acnes are one of the prime reason for acne. Honey works on this cause so helping heal acne. It destroys these bacteria and also prevents their growth. Thus, it it keeps your breakouts in control.

As well as the antibacterial property of honey, it also possesses properties that can counter rosiness. The skin condition of acne regularly brings along associated problems like rosiness and rosiness. This is where honey comes in handy. It helps sooth the acne and resolves the difficulty of itching and irritation that such inflammation causes. The better part about honey is that alongside it gives a fresh, glowing skin that you’ve always wanted.

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If you be thinking about considering using honey to treat acne then you can use it internally as well as outwardly. For internal use, a teaspoon of honey can help treat acne. Have a spoon full of honey each morning on an empty stomach and see the difference it makes to your skin.

Honey can be employed for external application also. Mix equal amounts of honey and lime juice and use it on the skin employing a cotton ball. Leave on for twenty minutes and rinse off with uncommitted water. Honey can definitely help to control your breakouts, but the results offered are partial. It will not help you to get rid of acne completely. Besides, honey will not be apt for each skin type. Since, honey is sticky in nature, it can irritate sensitive skin. So, consider your skin type before using it.

A much better approach is that you employ a complete solution like Zenmed Derma Cleanse System. It brings the goodness of honey and mixes it with other similarly safe and effective, natural ingredients. Plus the makers offer full money back guarantee, something which you may never need to trouble about because this here’s an intensely good treatment for acne.

But, if you still want to give honey a try, go ahead. However, make sure that you use it along with an effective acne treatment and not rely on it alone.

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