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Keep Psoriasis Moist

Psoriasis is a condition of the skin. It flares up in the form of scaly red dry patches causing unsightly patches and much discomfort.

Those that suffer from it equate their flare ups with having an unwanted guest. They suddenly show up, irritate you and know one knows what to do with them. There are several treatments for this skin condition that can range from itchy to down right painful. For any psoriasis sufferer, the first port of call should be your doctor. However, never be afraid to ask your doctor about home remedies that can help your condition. One such home remedy is keeping the skin moist.

You can keep the skin moist in a variety of ways. Soaking the skin is a very effective way. Warm baths, soaking and swimming, help to re-hydrate the skin. This can also help to remove some of the dry, hard scaly skin that can develop. Soaking helps the skin stay moist as well as reduces the itching. The scaly skin, which can act as a barrier to many creams and medications can be removed more easily. If your don’t wish to soak or don’t have the time, applying cool wet compressed to the areas can also help.

It is important to remember that if you soak frequently, you should apply some moisturizer straight after. Soaking can remove some of the skins natural oils. Doing this too often without re-moisturizing the skin can actually make the problem worse. Make sure, at least within 3 minutes of your soak, you apply a moisturizer with heavy emollient. This will replace what was lost by the soak and help your skin stay moisturized.

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