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Learn The Causes Of Cellulite For A Healthy Living

TWO BEST FRIENDS IN HIGH SCHOOL ACCIDENTALLY MET. They are very, very glad to see each other again. They have not seen each other for more than ten years now. They almost did not recognize each other because one of them have gotten fat. There are a lot of stories and gossips they want to share with each other. They have tons of stories to share with each other. One of them admiringly commented that her friend still have a very slim figure. She said it all to her ignorance to the causes of cellulite in our body. Afterwards they begun talking about their present lives. Happily, they both have families of their own now. One of them have moved to another state. They wanted to go here for a brief vacation. They both agreed this is the perfect opportunity to be acquainted again. Her friend will not have a hard time looking for her house. She still lives in the same house. Her friend gladly accepted the invitation.

The night turned out to be a mini reunion for them. They both know the husband of the host friend. The husband of the other lives in the same state they moved in. The host complimented her friend again for having such good figure even now. She inquired to her friend if she happen to know the causes of cellulite. She gained her weight when she delivered her first born. She has not been able anymore to regain the figure she had before. Her friend inquired if she ever goes to the gym to exercise. ”Nope”, she answered, “too much household chores”. Doesn’t that count for exercise. “No”, her friend replied, “you must have a regular exercise to remove all that cellulite. No exercise means, no chance for the fats, calories and the causes of cellulite to burn. So that’s one of the main issue why she got got wider in the middle. Okay, that explains everything. When she got married, she have relaxed her guard. From now on, she promised she will try to find the time to exercise. Her friend advised her to look after her diet also. You should be watching what you eat nowadays. Avoid eating too much meat. Eating these foods will surely result in cellulite buildup in your skin. Both families ended the night with promises to keep in touch with each other.

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