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Meladerm: The New Wonder Of Skin Care

Are you the type of a person who is very conscious with their looks ? Or are you one of those that feel uncomfortable with the presence of a single brown spot or acne mark on their face? Many uses skin whiteners to get rid of this problem. But, with the hundreds of skin lighteners sold , which one should you choose ?

One of these skin products is the Meladerm. It is an Advanced Pigment Reducing Complex produced by Civant Skin Care. Civant Skin Care is a company located in the United States of America that specializes in the formulation of healthy and efficient skin care products.

Meladerm has been analyzed and researched for 4 years
before it was publicized . It took the researchers four long years to test and study it just for them to prove it is safe and effective.

How does it work? Most of its main components were formulated from safe and natural lightening extracts such as the mulberry, licorice and bear berry. It whitens the skin by reducing or slowing down the increase of melanin on our skin. Melanin is the dark pigment on the human skin. It reacts with the skin’s melanin without posing any health threat to the user.

Aside from the main three componenets above, this skin care product is made up of other whitening agents such as lemon juice extract, Kojic acid, Gigawhite, Embilica Extract, niacinamide or vitamin B3 and other natural skin whiteners.

Of the many formulated skin care products , there are some that could be very irritant to the skin. Examples of harmful bleaching substances include the hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. Though these three are very effective skin lighteners , it was found out that they threaten the human health. According to US studies, hydroquinone is related to thyroid disorders, leukemia and liver damage.

The good news is that Meladerm does not contain any of these harmful bleaching substances . Most of its active elements were from natural skin lightener extracts. Base ingredients were carefully chosen also to ensure that the main agents will be absorbed by the skin.

Usually, Meladerm is used as skin lightener on the discolorations on the face and the other parts of the body. But it can be used also in the following applications :
• Removal of acne scars and pimple marks.
• Lightening over tanned skin or damaged skin from the sun.
• Even-toning of the skin.
• Whitening dark joints such as the elbow, knees and knuckles.
• Removal of Freckles
• Melasma/Chloasma

With its powerful lightening ingredients , skin improvements can be seen as early as two week. With more time dedication and patience, one could see its full result in 8 to 12 weeks of regular application of this skin lightening cream.

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