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My Acnezine Review

Before I start, I would like to reiterate that I have been using Acnezine for practically 5 months now, and that this Acnezine Review is structured on what the product has achieved for me since I started using it.

You might be thinking that the intro can sound a tad defensive, and I do confess it is. Not because I want to promise you that I’m going to write an honest review, but relatively due to the fear that this article might be looked at as nothing more than just another trick to get a few extra bucks.

Let me start off by stating that I’m a 25 year old part time writer that manages a small-scale restaurant in San Diego. There were a pair of reasons as to why I began using Acnezine. First was a major acne breakout that diminished my self esteem lower than that of Lady Gaga’s skirt. Second is, im a 25 year old woman. Do you seriously think that older women do not want to look good?

I really cant point a finger on how particularly the breakout started. But if i were to go with a reason, it must be when more people started going to the resto. As the majority of our customers come in during dinner, I had to stay up and look my best, or at least as presentable as I can, to oversee things. This includes putting on make-up, with the occasional retouch once in a while. Now although I don’t use make-up on a daily basis, I do understand that I need to remove it thoroughly before going to bed every night. Blame me for being lazy or tired, but I sometimes fail to thoroughly cleanse my face before calling it a night. Since I don’t see any other explanation for the acne breakout, I blamed the problem I had months ago with either of the two.

My Acnezine Review

I admit that Acnezine was not the first anti acne product I used. And I do admit that it is not the only product that does show results in the market today. But the purpose why I stuck with Acnezine is the fact that it was the only product that gave me no side effects.

The first products I used had chemical substances in them like benzoyl peroxide and accutane. While they did show results, it left my skin red and a bit irritated. At first, the side effects didn’t worry me, but then it got me believing that maybe these chemical based acne products may in reality do harm on my skin in the long run. That’s when I began researching for a more suitable alternative.

I found out about Acnezine in another Acnezine review just like this one. And partly, that is one of the reasons as to why im doing this review.

The thing that got me attracted at first was that it is said to be 100% all natural. Being a skeptic, I first did some research around the product to see what reward those natural ingredients could give to me. After at least 30 minutes of research, I was partly sold with the idea of obtaining the product. Take note though, I said partly.

Before we move on, let me break the ingredients down for you.

1. Vitamin C and E – Long time established to be effective in keeping the skin healthy and young looking.

2. Aloe Vera – Since ancient times, people have been using the healing power of this magical plant.

3. Bioperine extract – A black pepper extract loaded with anti oxidants that does not only do magic for the skin but also for our other organs in general

4. Alpha lipoic acid – Known for being an anti inflamatory agent, it also helps with the development of energy within the cells

If you think thats all, sorry to disappoint but theres more. But ill just save it for another article of mine.

Before I end, let me tell you why I used the word “partly” earlier. It because im not the type of person who will pay for something that I havent tried on first. Fortunately, one of my friends endorsed the product, and also told me that their main website was giving away free samples. And the rest is history.

I wrote this Acnezine Review with the prupose to inform rather than sell. Of how it helped me get rid of my acne, and of how happy I am to have found out about it.

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