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Natural Cures for Eczema Work

If traditional treatments don’t work, what other options are there? Thankfully, there are natural remedies for eczema that exist. The trick, however, is to find the right one.

when you have eczema, you can not use every type of lotion on your skin. Your skin is very sensitive and some lotions may contain chemical that will make your skin breakout. Medicated lotions will keep your skin from looking dry while at the same time they are very soothing to your skin. Bare in mind that these lotions normally are not scented!

thing that you need to understand is that eczema develops and is made worse due to dry skin. So make sure that your skin is sufficiently moisturized. Even if you don’t have eczema. Use natural body moisturizers that contain essential fatty acids to relieve the eczema itch. You will find that these reduces the itch greatly. Apply the moisturizer right after a bath when the pores are open. Do this twice a day and apply all over your body, especially at the spot where the eczema has developed. This can be done every time you feel the skin has dried at the eczema spot.

A highly recommended action that will help fight your skin condition is to change your diet. It is best that you include plenty of veggies, organic fruits, and nuts in your diet, and, reduce your intake of dairy products, meat, foods that are rich in animal protein, etc. Eating more fish and meals with omega fatty acids is also recommended, and can be a good remedy for eczema.

Traditionally, neem oil has been used for thousands of years for various purposes. Thanks to our ancestors who discovered its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which are useful to treat eczema naturally. Neem oil is widely used to treat acne, eczema, scabies, shingles, ringworm, psoriasis, gingivitis, cold sores, athlete’s foot, etc. A neem oil cream with 2% neem oil can be used to treat eczema. If you can chew neem leaves, it is well and good. Otherwise, neem leaf capsules can be taken for fast healing. You may put some leaves in water, boil the water and use it for bathing.

Neem oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and provides instant relief to the affected skin. In the olden days neem was even used to treat acne, ringworm, athlete’s foot and various other skin disorders.

drink a lot of water throughout the day. Try to drink a bit above the usual 8 cups that is always recommended. Second, take your bath with lukewarm water at least twice a day, morning and evening or more times if you can. After the bath, gently pat your skin dry and apply a natural moisturizer.

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