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Natural Remedies for Candida

Candida is a type of fungus (also called yeast), and is only one of a huge number of micro-organisms that exist in a human body. Candida is a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that naturally live inside our intestines, and are not parasitic). It has many functions inside our digestive tract, one of them to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria. Without Candida albicans in our intestines we would be defenseless against many pathogen bacteria. The species Candida albicans is the specific strain responsible for the uncomfortable symptoms of candidiasis. Hormonal contraceptives causing high progesterone levels.

Steroids or in people who have a compromised immune system Candida can proliferate causing small red lesions on the skin, white creamy patches in the tongue and on the mouth, vaginal discharge as well as digestive upset. One of the main symptoms of this over multiplication is vaginal yeast infection in women. One of the most popular choices in dealing with Candida is the addition of shark liver oil to your diet. It’s believed that shark liver oil does wonders for the body when it comes to improving the health of the immune system. There are some very effective natural treatments for treating Candida.

Grapefruit seed distill is an anti-fungal resolution that helps to grow the bodies pH backwards to a degree where it becomes overly acid for the Candida to survive. Helping to grow the bodies’ pH degree backwards to robust levels is an efficient manner to handle Candida. Garlic pills are another popular, all-natural manner to trade with Candida. It’s believed that garlic can curb the increase of Candida in the human system since it does get some antimicrobial properties. Natural oils from jalapeno peppercorn, cloves and particularly oregano have been tested and shown to assist Candida sufferers. Tea tree oil is another herbal cure that has shown better anti-fungal properties.

Tea tree oil works best when rubbed into the skin in areas where the Candida infection is present, like the feet or anywhere where a Candida-caused outbreak of psoriasis has occurred. Use Organic Neem (Azadiracta indica) Capsules as a superb anti-yeast agent that can quickly help to bring the Candida in the digestive tract under control. Drink Organic Detox Tea which is a blend of aromatic herbs that help digestion, warm the digestive fire and reduce bloating. Garlic has anti fungal properties and can be be used liberally in food preparation or taken as capsules. Rosemary has anti fungal properties useful in killing yeast cells.

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