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Natural Skin Care And The New Medical Paradigm

Can inflammatory skin conditions be adequately addressed without corticosteroids, with only 100% natural substances that are free of adverse effects?

Oftentimes, the answer is a resounding "yes."

The whole paradigm of medicine has been evolving for years. In the last century, physicians were taught what medications to use, and many patients just accepted their doctors' dictates.

Not so today. Now people are far more educated than in the past, and willing to assert their rights to evaluate and choose for themselves. An aspect of contemporary empowerment is the awareness that more natural substances ordinarily have less liabilities than pharmaceutical substances with their potential chemically-induced adverse effects.

We now understand that nutrients, as well as toxins, are absorbed through the skin. If you massage a healthful substance onto your body, your skin (your largest organ) will clearly reap the rewards; however, your internal organs are likely to benefit too. And if you put creams, cosmetics or various other substances on your skin that contain harmful substances, these will be absorbed into your body and can damage not only your skin, but also your general well being.

The worth of 100% natural substances that are toxin free as well as nourishing is appreciated today. Numerous nutritive oils are used nowadays to shield, restore and improve the skin. However, none deliver as much benefit for the skin, and for so many various conditions, as unrefined, organic African shea butter.

Shea nut butter contains anti-inflammatory compounds called triterpenes. It so happens that triterpenes are the most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds ever discovered in any plant material in nature. Shea butter triterpenes are powerful enough to treat and sometimes even to halt inflammation throughout the body.

Adding to its triterpene content, shea nut butter also has a substantial amount of vitamin A, which is itself an anti-inflammatory substance, as well as other extremely beneficial vitamins and phytonutrients.

Inflammation is among the chief causes of skin aging. Thus, shea butter is not simply an effective therapy for inflammatory conditions such as minor injuries, and pathologies such as eczema, psoriasis and ordinary rashes. It is also an effective therapy for wrinkles, fine lines, skin thinning and dull complexions.

For a collection of educational videos about shea butter and how it functions to enhance and maintain the skin, please watch the accompanying video:

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