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Natural Tea Tree Shea Butter Will Nourish Your Skin and Delight Your Senses

If you’re like me, you’d much rather feed your skin natural substances than artificial ones.

Evidently, over 50% of processed personal care products incorporate toxic compounds that absorb directly into our bodies and which can do us loads of harm. Yuck!

After evaluating the arsenal of anti-aging skin elixirs available and never noticing much change in my skin, I stumbled upon unrefined shea butter. It contains nothing but, well, pure shea butter. It’s extracted right from the African shea nut.

You’ll notice how effective this substance is the first time you use it. It is miraculously hydrating — dry skin will be gone forever. As will inflamed, red skin. And skin afflicted with dermatitis, rashes, or stretch marks will likely be markedly improved. Massage it in everywhere — you can’t overdose.

Okay, here’s the next thing: Raw shea nut butter, the only kind you want, doesn’t smell so terrific. However, are you familiar with essential oils? I tried them only recently — I didn’t realize what I was missing until trying these natural, healing oils! Who would wear synthetic perfumes when they can use essential oils? They are so divine, I’d often prefer to inhale pure rose, lemongrass or jasmine oil than have a good meal.

So consider the beauty of unrefined shea butter and essential oils combined. Delightful! The item linked here has ten varieties, each combining raw shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s take tea tree as an example. Only a tome could relate the large research on tea tree oil. Its effectiveness as a topical antibacterial for cuts and burns and as an anti-fungal is widely appreciated. When cleaning, a few drops can kill mold. It can address acne breakouts, athlete’s foot, mites, and also the intractable MRSA germ. Possibly not as widely known is that “this medicine cabinet in a jar” has a sweet-woodsy aroma that can smell downright alluring, particularly when mellowed with shea butter.

One more point: If you want a great buying experience, buy this directly from If you have a Prime membership, as I do, you can have it in precisely two days with zero shipping cost. If you don’t have Prime, buy two containers and your shipping is cost-free.

Simply click below and follow the path straight to Amazon to ply your skin and your senses with Tea Tree Shea Butter, or another luscious scent selection.

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Raw Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved All Its Skin Troubles With One Natural Product

Rachel and Eric Summers are both rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can linger into June, where temperatures in winter can fall to minus 35 degrees, and where Memorial Day can be mistaken for a white Christmas. Historically it was a job for men only; but today Rachel and Eric both patrol the park’s boundaries by snowmobile, go on search and rescue missions, and monitor the park’s water works.

Imagine trying to find childcare in the backcountry in – 35 degrees! Well, that’s what Rachel and Eric were obliged to do for their 3 year old, Loui.

The Summers would not give up their lifestyle for anything, but they do have several difficulties. Skin issues top the list. In the extreme winter season, both Rachel and Eric are bothered by raw, rough faces, hands and lips. Meanwhile, Loui’s skin is so dry that he practically scratches it right off his young body.

One December evening, Rachel was on the phone, relating the household’s skin woes to her sister, Joanne. Joanne jumped in and suggested that Rachel buy some grade A, unrefined shea nut butter. “You’ll never use anything else on your skin again!”

Of course, finding shea butter in the middle of winter in Yellowstone wasn’t exactly a piece of cake, so when two containers of it arrived in the mail, thanks to Joanne, Rachel was more than happy. A beautiful picture ornamented both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One label said “Piquant Patchouli Shea Butter,” and the other “Healing Tea Tree Shea Butter.” Both versions consisted of just unrefined, grade A shea butter and pure essential oils.

Before applying the ivory colored shea butter, Rachel breathed in the bouquets from both containers and basked in the alluring, natural essences. The patchouli was ambrosial, and the tea tree was deeply satisfying . Both aromas were sumptuous, not merely hints of the essential oil. Rachel was thrilled at the idea of treating her skin while simultaneously getting a nice dose of aromatherapy.

She realized from the moment she massaged the buttery substance all over her face, neck, hands and feet that this was the answer to Eric’s, Loui’s and her own skin issues. Her skin soaked it up and asked for more.

Four weeks after that, chapped, cracked, red elbows, lips and hands are no longer problems for any of the Summers. Loui’s skin is protected for the entire day with an all-over coating of natural shea nut butter. Eric enjoys the tea tree, and wants to try some of the other varieties. Rachel loves the patchouli shea butter, and is determined to try all the scent choices.

To her delight, since starting to apply shea butter, Rachel has found her stretch marks diminishing. Furthermore, she mailed a jar of frankincense shea butter to her mom, who later said it was more deeply hydrating than any other product she had previously put on her face, and said her wrinkles were gradually diminishing.

Joanne was right: Rachel, Eric and Loui will never be without unrefined shea butter again, and they will never order shea butter without the luscious essential oils.

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