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Practice Mosturizer As Greatest Friend For Your Dry Body Skin

Dry body skin is a tiny problem that affects people with a genetic predisposition for it. According to hereditary predisposition, the oil secretion of the skin glands will be lower than for normal skin. Dry body skin appears at all ages and affects races and genders alike, although babies and the elderly are more likely to suffer from it.

There is a very simple explanation behind it: babies have a very sensitive dermis with immature protection layers, which makes them more vulnerable to the environment. With the elderly, dry body skin is explained by the reduced functions of the skin that decay because of age.

If no dermatological problem is behind skin dryness, then the possibilities to treat it are manifold and very much within reach. Moisturizers represent the best friends for dry skin, but their efficiency is increased or decreased by the cleaning products used as well as by the hygiene routine specific for every person. Normally, body lotions should be applied after showering or bathing when the skin is still damp. Plus, it is advisable to spend less time in water because it aggravates dryness.

Dry body skin could aggravate in winter or after sun exposure. In winter creamier skin lotions should be applied, but their application can also be supported by the use of natural products available around the house. Thus, a very appreciated treatment for dry body skin is cold-pressed olive oil, coconut or almond oil rubbed or massaged into the skin. They are the preferable alternative to body lotions because of their purity. Nevertheless, while body lotions may contain fragrance or chemicals, they are not as messy as natural essential oils. Yet, it’s your choice first and foremost!

When it comes to sun exposure, although it doesn’t sound very well or pleasant, sun bathing should be avoided when you have dry body skin. Even if you go to the beach or lie around the swimming pool, it is imperative to use a very powerful sunscreen lotion with a high sun protection factor. The main consequence of the sun exposure for dry body skin is an increased dryness that leads to rapid skin decay, blisters formation and premature aging. Plus, ignoring the condition will not make you feel any better, so act on it!

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