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Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Will They Go Away?

Pregnancy Stretchmarks – Will They Go Away?

Some women get stretch marks in pregnancy plus some don’t, this is a matter of luck for women who do not get stretch marks.
No one can tell the real cause why some women just do not get stretch marks during pregnancy, but there are numerous speculation, such as some people think that the more active you’re during pregnancy the less likely you’re to get stretchmarks, because the body will be experiencing exercise all of the time and will not maintain any one position for a long period.
So from this you are able to establish when you retain active during pregnancy you’re not as likely to acquire it during pregnancy.

Stretchmarks during pregnancy can appear not just about the abdomen but can be also on the breasts and buttocks or hips.
There really isn’t much that can be done to effectively prevent it, although there are a handful of good emollient agents about the market that will help with itching and dryness as the skin stretches.
Vitamin E and other treatments have been believed to prevent stretchmarks but none of those have been proven to be very effective in the long run.

You cannot avoid gaining weight in pregnancy which means this option would be out of the question as you need to achieve weight in order to possess the baby.

Depending on the natural color of your skin, these marks can start like a raised pink or reddish brown or dark brown line and later will turn into a bright violet or purple line.
These bright marks will eventually flatten and fade to a color that’s a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and diminishes noticeable.
The earlier you begin to deal with these stretch marks the much more likely they will diminish to look at and once they start to flatten and fade they will become more difficult for you to treat, so it is better to begin treating these stretch marks when they’re bright red or red brown and are most noticeable.

The very best creams are the ones that trigger the production of collagen, the foundation of your skin, and elastin the protein that gives skin its elasticity and also the water holding capacity of healthy skin. This process can help you accelerate cell rejuvenation and thicken the epidermal layer.

However, there are many creams and lotions that can help prevent these marks during pregnancy, you should always check with your doctor to ensure these products are safe to use during pregnancy and they do not have any side effects for either you and your new born baby.

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