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Psoriasis – How to Treat Red Scaly Patches

Psoriasis is known by the red or white patches that are usually itchy, dry and hurt.   Although a skin condition psoriasis can have an affect on one’s feelings.  Depression and anxiety are common.  Here what to do to solve the problem naturally.

What are the Treatments? 


Over the course of history, hundreds of treatments have been recommended for the condition.  Few have proven to be the solution that the patient was hoping for. 

Ancient treatments included onions, sea salt, urine and goose oil, semen, wasp droppings, sycamore sap and cat feces.  These were applied directly to the skin and left on for a specified amount of time.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, dermatologists prescribed Fowler’s solution, a liquid that was taken by mouth.  The liquid contained arsenic, which was then known to be a poison and is now known to be carcinogenic.

The fatty acid found in castor oil was recommended for many years.  Sulfur baths and solutions, as well as sulfur supplements were the most effective historical treatment. 

Both castor oil and sulfur were safe and provided relief from the symptoms, but around 1950, dermatologists abandoned those treatments in favor of coal tar and steroids.  Although the coal tar ointments are still available, there is some evidence they are carcinogenic.

Steroids have potent anti-inflammatory activity and are initially effective, but the body builds up a tolerance to them.  During the withdrawal face, the symptoms worsen.    

Is There a Solution for Psoriasis?


If you suffer from the condition, you may have tried some of the treatments mentioned above.  Yet, you are still searching.  Don’t give up hope just yet.  You can conquer this condition naturally.

What you want to do is treat the itchy painful symptoms, while making an effort to cure the problem permanently.  The treatments that will be beneficial on a long-term basis will not appear to be effective initially.  In other words, they do not address the pain and itching sufficiently to make you comfortable.  Hopefully, you will use both the long and short-term solutions.

Long-term Solutions


Psoriasis is ultimately an inflammatory condition.  Scientists admit that it is not truly an auto-immune disease, although it is often referred to as one.  In auto-immune diseases, the immune system incorrectly identifies portions of the person’s own body as illness-causing pathogens.  The immune system reacts by attacking.

In psoriasis, the immune cells in the skin secrete chemicals called cytokines that cause inflammation.  The initial inflammation causes additional cells to secrete more of the inflammatory molecules.  It is something of a vicious cycle.  The key is to stop it.

Steroids work initially because they inhibit all kind of inflammatory activity, but they do not address the underlying problem.  Many researchers believe that the underlying problem is a chronic lack of nutrients in the diet.  An imbalanced diet can cause chronic inflammation throughout the body.

Studies have shown that nutritional supplements including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, selenium, beta-carotene, soy inositol and vitamin D are beneficial for psoriasis.  Except for the omega-3 fatty acids, one product called Total Balance contains all of those nutrients and more.  To get the omega-3s, you need fish oil.

Short-term Solutions


As I mentioned, you cannot expect to see immediate improvements through the use of dietary supplements.  It might not take that long to see results if you are consistent, but you will still need something to address the issues of itching and pain.  Scratching will worsen the problem.  So, relieving the itch is very important.

Moisturizers are still the most effective tool for reducing pain, itch and redness.  But, many facial creams and body lotions actually aggravate the problem.  You need moisturizers that are free of allergens, toxins and irritants, because those contribute to the inflammatory response. 

Skincare products should be  free of irritating substances.  They contain compounds that reduce inflammation and relieve the itch.

For immediate relief from the pain and itch of psoriasis on the face, I recommend the Hydrating Mask.  It contains an ingredient called RIGIN, which has been clinically proven to reduce the secretion of cytokines in the cells.

What are the Benefits?


Ultimately, the benefit we hope for is to get rid of psoriasis for good.  You have read a lot of information here.  Let me recap about the benefits you can expect when you use the recommended solutions and why.

  • Relief from pain—inflammation is the cause of the pain.  Many of the ingredients in Total Balance have known anti-inflammatory activity.  Fish oil has anti-inflammatory activity.  RIGIN has anti inflammatory activity.
  • Relief from itching—the cause of the itching is dryness and irritation.  The deep hydrating mask will moisturize quickly and thoroughly.  RIGIN and other ingredients will reduce irritation.
  • Reduced redness—inflammation is the cause of the redness.  The redness will gradually fade away completely as you continue to use the recommended solutions.
  • Younger looking skin as time goes by—cytokines and other inflammatory molecules cause skin aging
  • Better health

Although psoriasis is your main concern right now, chronic inflammation can cause all kinds of health problems.  By using the solutions here consistently, you will enjoy better health for life: High quality skin care products and supplements.

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