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Psoriasis – there is hope!

Do you, like me, suffer from psoriasis? Have the all too obvious symptoms of psoriasis like areas of dry skin, been a cause for embarrassment? Has psoriasis affected your self confidence and your ability to lead a normal life?

These are questions that, for me, until a few years ago, the answer to all would have been a resounding YES! Because of recurring outbreaks of psoriasis, I hardly ever went to the beach, stayed at home when my friends went out clubbing and let the psoriasis control my life – negatively!

And then I was rescued! I’m not exaggerating, because something my dermatologist suggested turned my life around and all within the space of two months.

A wonder drug – no, a wondrous place!

After years of psoriasis treatments I was fed up! Fed up with creams and drugs, health farms and lotions, fed up with diets and all sorts of wonder treatments that promised “instant relief” from psoriasis.

Katerine Lev

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This post was written by TKB_Editor on September 7, 2011

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