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Psoriasis And Climotherapy – Part 1

Psoriasis overview

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, non- contagious, not life threatening but one that can cause those afflicted by it to mental and emotional stress and suffering. The outward signs of psoriasis can be off putting to the casual observer who knows nothing of the disease. The dry, scaly patches of skin exhibited by psoriasis, primarily on the face, scalp, elbows or knees, can be disturbing and evoke deep emotions and fears in the observer. Human beings, being what they are, often find it difficult to hide their immediate reaction to signs of psoriasis and many, especially small children, can be vocal in their reactions.

These reactions to the outward symptoms of psoriasis often cause psoriasis sufferers to become wary of social encounters. They may cover up the signs of psoriasis, may refrain from going to the pool or the beach and in extreme cases, may even adopt the lifestyle of a semi-recluse.

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