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Psoriasis treatment and my DWI case

One day I was looking for the right cure for my uncle’s problem of psoriasis all over Dallas. As I was about to leave for home I got some tips about the dreaded disease but along with it was charged with DWI offense. Here is my story and tips for the disease.

As I was going thought the streets in Dallas, I found some advertisement about the natural cures for the disease and I decided to look further into it. I enquired about the same and found that someone nearby is giving free tips for the cure of disease. As I went further I met Mr. Catholic Anderson who’s was a natural medicine practitioner. I parked my car right there as I was expecting to be back soon. I went into the apartment to see the doctor and asked for a consultation. I was given a slip to be able to meet him. After a while I was called in. He said he has a medicine that can cure the disease permanently. He also gave me some precautionary measures so that the disease can be contained and well managed. Here are the tips:

No hot Showers

If you have a psoriasis problem don’t go for those long showers inspas or other luxary places so that you are not exposed to hot temperatures for a long time. Shower should be short and if possible with cold water or at the most the water can be luke warm.

Don’t be stressed

It has been observed that more stressed you are, more will be the problem, so just relax and take a chill pill.

Look for natural remedies

Psoriasis is best controlled by natural remedies rather than prescription drugs. So just go ahead and look for a good psoriasis treatment which is more natural and hygienic.

The DWI case

He said these tips will help to control the disease and can definitely raise the hope for early cure. He also offered me a medicine for the disease. He told me that it was safe and anyone can have it without side-effects. Although the smell was bit different (like rum) but I just had some of it as it was harmless and also gave me some for my uncle and said that I can come there anytime for more medicine if it works fine on my uncle.

After that I thanked the doctor and left the place. As I came out, I saw a police officer waiting for me beside my car. I had parked it at the wrong place. He wanted to hand over a ticket to me, I tried to convince him but he smelt the alcohol (as I was still carrying the bottle of ‘cure’). He charged me with DWI. I contacted my Dallas DWI attorney who was recommended by a good friend of mine (Michael). After he came, I explained the whole story to him and he talked to the sergeant and got me out. He was a very good lawyer, I must say. Later, I thanked him for his services and went back to my uncle with the treatment tips and ‘cure’.

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This post was written by NCFP_Assistant on May 21, 2012

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