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Psoriasis Treatment info including Symptom

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder symptoms include red patches covered with white flakes. How this skin disease occurs is yet to be fully understood although it is largely believed to be genetically besides the immune system abnormalities. It can also be boosted mostly by occasional injury to the skin. Though nobody can intentionally cause injury to himself, avoiding to much injury to the skin is indeed advisable.

Red bumps appear on the body. They are growing and are covered with scales (plaques). Sometimes the joints are affected, this is called psoriatic arthritis.

Signs and symptoms of this Psoriasis include bumpy reddish rash on the skin and nails. These rashes are pink at times and can appear on any part of the body including knee caps, elbows, back side, feet, abdomen and other parts. This rashes or may contain pus making them itchy. It is however not contagious and therefore you cannot get or pass it through touching. Chances of developing this condition are high mostly if it runs in your family.


The exact one knows yet. The disease is caused by skin cells replace themselves too quickly. The cells are to be replaced every three or four days instead of every few days.

Psoriasis often occurs within a certain family. It is common for the first time in adolescence. Children and adults can suddenly develop psoriasis. Factors that may trigger psoriasis, include throat infections, certain medications and stress.


There are different types of psoriasis. Which are classified according to the appearance of the spots on the body.

• Ordinary psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris: red, symmetrical plaques on the elbows, knees, lower back and crown.
• Scalp psoriasis: plaques on the scalp
• Psoriasis inversa: plaques in the body folds (armpits, groin, under breasts)
• Pustular psoriasis: red plaques are associated with acne
• Scalp psoriasis: plaques on the scalp
• Unguum psoriasis: psoriasis to da nails of hands and feet
• Guttate psoriasis (psoriasis drop): small round spots spread throughout the body


Psoriasis is incurable. The right treatment can make sure that the patient is experiencing less problems. Ointments and creams based on vitamin D have a good influence on the change of skin cells.

Some patients benefit from UV therapy. There are also some oral medications for patients not adequately respond to other medications.

Many patients suffer from psychological problems like depression and anxiety. They can best help in time for search.

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