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Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter As A Treatment For Eczema, #1

Let's discuss the troublesome condition known as eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, and how raw, virgin shea butter can relieve and even eliminate it naturally and without drugs.

Atopic Dermatitis, which most likely has a hereditary element, can be caused by anything that can trigger inflammation, including allergens in the environment (or detergent traces in clothes), infection with microorganisms, consumption of medications, foods or contaminants, or a variety of internal conditions that can trigger skin inflammation.

The primary attributes of chronic eczema match up very well with the primary therapeutic attributes of shea butter. Eczema is in essence inflammation of the skin, and is likewise distinguished by severe dryness. Atopic dermatitis also involves a deficiency of fatty acids.

Shea butter is full of natural anti-inflammatory compounds; it happens to be among the very best natural emollients known; and it has large quantities of essential fatty acids.

Among the first targets in managing chronic eczema is keeping the skin maximally hydrated. Keeping the skin well moisturized disrupts the pathology of chronic eczema and various other inflammatory conditions. Shea butter is among the most moisturizing compounds known, and incorporates some of the identical fats present in our sebaceous secretions (our skin's natural emollients). While coconut butter and cocoa butter might be equally moisturizing, both have a comedogenic (pore congesting and acne encouraging) score of 4 on a scale of 5, whereas shea butter has a comedogenic score of zero.

Why is shea butter better than synthetic moisturizers for dermatitis encumbered skin? First, many synthetic moisturizers are founded on ingredients that are unnatural to the skin, such as petroleum and mineral oil. These can disrupt the skin's natural moisturizing function, not to mention congesting pores and limiting oxygen intake.

To get the rest of this account of natural therapy for chronic eczema, please search for the second part of this short article.

However, before you do, please view the informative video below about shea butter and its use in treating chronic eczema and various other skin problems.

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