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Reactive Skin Styles And Causes

The term sensitive skin has a wide range of significances and ramifications, which is why sometimes it is best not to use it as a skin type category of its own. Let us briefly explain why. If you have dry skin, your skin could be normally more prone to irritation than it would be if your skin were oily. That can be considered as one type of sensitive skin.

If your skin is oily, it can be more reactive to pore-clogging active ingredients that cause discolorations to form. If you have allergies or other skin related conditions like chronic eczema and even a persistent kind of condition like lupus (that can harm multiple body parts and organs, not just your skin), you could be sensitive to particular compounds or entire classifications of active ingredients.

Finally, if you are undergoing therapy for a significant health problem, your skin can become more sensitive to everything. In short, only you can judge your skin's sensitivity levels. Therefore, tune-in and consciously track exactly what your skin is attempting to tell you. And undoubtedly, keep away from skin care products that make your skin troubled. Watch the video below, that covers some great suggestions and questions that may help you to narrow down your discovery process.

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