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Removal Of Stretch Marks

Individuals all over the world want more information on stretch marks removal, but do not know where to go to find it. When talking about eliminating these unsightly lines, you may first want answers to your question of, “Is there any way that I can get rid of stretch marks?” You should first find out the causes of stretch marks and then investigate what are the options you could choose from.

How Are Stretch Marks Caused?

Stretch marks form when the skin extends more than it is capable. Small tears start forming in the collagen level beneath the outer skin layer. This causes silvery lines that can be found hips, breasts, thighs and stomach. Some of the causes of stretch marks are genetic factors as well as weight gain or pregnancy. It is only a rare few are fortunate enough to be unaffected by stretch marks. When it comes down to removal of stretch marks, there are a few choices to avail of.

Preventing Stretch Marks with an Anti Stretch Mark Cream Application

One of the best treatment options is to prevent the formation of stretch marks in the beginning. anti stretch mark cream increases the level of collagen in the skin thus increasing its elasticity. A doctor will usually tell a pregnant women to start using a good collagen based cream sometime around the 1st trimester of the pregnancy with the aim of decreasing the formation of these undesirable marks. These collagen creams work by significantly lessening the intensity of the marks as well as the amount of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatments: Knowing What Your Options Are

There are various treatments designed to remove stretch marks that are being marketed these days. Many people resort to laser surgery but it is certainly an expensive option. It can also be very painful and may need anesthesia. Another disadvantage is that it necessitates multiple follow up visits and can take months before the treatment can end.

Retina-A treatments have shown some results as well. The drawback is, this treatment can only be gotten if you have a doctor’s prescription. What’s more, this treatment is costly and can take too many months to see significant results, if at all.

Microderm Abrasion is considered one of the treatments that are effective for stretch marks. The downside to this is with microderm abrasion is that it can often result in additional scarring of the skin. It is also one of the treatments for stretch marks that involves several follow up treatments.

These days you will also find best stretch mark cream that offer very promising results when applied regularly. These creams are made up with collagen in addition to other ingredients that help decrease those ugly stretch marks by firming and strengthening the cells of the skin. Some of these stretch mark creams have been proven very effective without taking up as much time or money as compared to other treatments.

Exploring your Available Options for Stretch Mark Removal

These days you will also find special remover treatments for stretch marks that help decrease the appearance of these dreaded lines. It is important to ensure that you explore all the facts with regards to the different plans of treatment available. Find out all details regarding the expenses involves, how painful the treatment is and number of visits that will be required. As always, prevention is best but sometimes that is just not an option. Women around the world have found that a stretch mark remover cream is most effective.

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