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Shea Butter With Jasmine Absolute Oil Will Enrich Your Skin and Scintillate Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather ply your skin with natural ingredients than with artificial ones.

Well, over 60% of refined skin creams incorporate hazardous substances that absorb right into our bodies and that can do us loads of damage. Yuck!

After evaluating the arsenal of anti-aging skin potions on the market without ever noticing much rejuvenation of my skin, I stumbled upon unrefined shea butter. It contains nothing except, well, 100% natural shea butter. It’s expressed right from the African shea nut.

You’ll discover how impressive this substance is the first time you use it. It has miracle emollients — dry skin will be gone forever. As will irritated, red, chapped skin. And skin burdened with eczema, rashes, or stretch marks will likely be markedly improved. Rub it in all over — there’s no way to overdose.

Okay, here’s the next thing: Raw shea nut butter, the only kind you should use, doesn’t smell so great. However, are you familiar with essential oils? I tried them only recently — I didn’t know what I didn’t have before trying these purely natural, therapeutic oils. Who would use synthetic scents when they can wear essential oils? They are so divine, I’d often prefer to osmose pure rose, grapefruit or jasmine oil than have a gourmet meal.

Imagine the serendipity of raw shea butter and essential oils combined. Yum! The item linked here has ten varieties, each combining unrefined shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s use jasmine as an example. Jasmine, one of the most pricey essential oils, has been very cherished in perfumery since the days of Cleopatra. It takes 2,000 pounds of jasmine flowers to generate 16 ounces of oil!

Jasmine has aphrodisiac, analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, for starters. It helps with headaches, menstrual issues and inflamed skin. It can revitalize the memory too — use it when you’re studying and see whether it helps.

Beyond that, the fragrance is so delicious that I’m nearly addicted to it!

One other point: If you want a dependable buying experience, order this straight from If you’re a Prime Member, as I am, you can have it in exactly two days with absolutely no shipping expense. If you’re not a Prime Member, purchase two containers and you’ll get shipping free.

Simply click below and follow the path directly to Amazon to nourish your skin and your senses with Jasmine Shea Butter, or another delicious scent selection.

Check this out at butter/

Raw Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved All Its Skin Problems With One Natural Product

Both Sasha and Michael Cohen are rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can grace the mountains into June, where winter nights can fall to minus 35, and where Memorial Day can be mistaken for a white Christmas. Historically it was a man’s job; however, today Sasha and Michael both patrol the park’s borders by snowmobile, go on search and rescue operations, and maintain the park’s water works.

Just consider looking for childcare in the winter wilderness in – 35 degrees! Well, that’s exactly what Sasha and Michael were obliged to do for their 18 month old, Oliver.

The family would not give up their lifestyle for anything, but they do have a few challenges. Skin issues top the list. In the severe winter season, both Sasha and Michael suffer from red, blistered hands, faces and lips. And, their son’s skin is so irritated that he nearly scratches it off his small body.

One December evening, Sasha was describing the family’s skin travails to her sister, Carrie. With surprising fervor, Carrie recommended that Sasha buy some raw, virgin shea butter. “You will never use anything else on your skin again!”

Of course, obtaining shea butter in the middle of December in Yellowstone was not exactly a piece of cake, so when two containers of it showed up in the mail, courtesy of Carrie, Sasha was more than happy. A lovely photo adorned both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One label said “Sweet Jasmine Shea Butter,” and the other “Healing Tea Tree Shea Butter.” Both varieties consisted only of unrefined, grade A shea butter and pure essential oils.

Before using the shea butter, Sasha inhaled the bouquets from both containers and basked in the luscious, natural fragrances. The jasmine was ambrosial, and the tea tree was thoroughly satisfying. Both scents were sumptuous, not just suggestions of the essential oil. Sasha was delighted with the idea of treating her skin while also getting an aromatherapy session.

She realized as soon as she had rubbed the creamy compound all over her body that this was the solution to her husband’s, her son’s and her own skin issues. Her skin drank it up and demanded more.

Four weeks afterward, red, chapped, irritated elbows, lips and hands are gone for the whole family. Oliver’s skin is moisturized for the entire day with an all-over application of natural shea butter. Michael enjoys the Tea Tree version, and is looking forward to trying other varieties. Sasha adores the Jasmine Shea Butter, and wants to try all the scent choices.

Unexpectedly, after starting to apply shea butter, Sasha has found her stretch marks fading. Additionally, she mailed a container of Ginger-Orange Shea Butter to her mother, who reported it was the most thoroughly hydrating product she had ever used on her skin, and insisted that her wrinkles were slowly lifting.

Carrie could not have been more right: Sasha and her family will never let themselves run out of raw shea butter, and, they won’t ever order shea butter without the luscious essential oils.

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