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Shea Butter With Lavender Essential Oil Will Enhance Your Skin and Delight Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather ply your skin with natural substances than with chemicals.

Factually, over 60% of processed personal care products include hazardous compounds that absorb directly into our bodies and that can do us a lot of harm. Not good!

After sampling the arsenal of anti-aging skin elixirs out there and never noticing much change in my skin, I came across raw shea butter. It consists of nothing other than, well, shea butter. Simply put, it’s completely natural. It’s culled right from the African shea nut.

You’ll notice how impressive this stuff is the first time you use it. It is miraculously moisturizing — moisture-starved skin will be rapidly restored. So will scaly, inflamed, chapped skin. And skin plagued with dermatitis, rashes, or stretch marks should be markedly improved. Massage it in all over — it’s impossible to overdose.

Now for the next thing: Unrefined shea butter, the only kind you should buy, doesn’t exactly smell great. But are you familiar with essential oils? I discovered them only recently — I didn’t know how wonderful they were until trying these purely natural, healing oils! Who would use artificial fragrances when they can use the real thing? They are so luscious, I’d often prefer to osmose pure rose, grapefruit or lavender oil than have a good meal.

So consider the joy of unrefined shea butter blended with essential oils. Yum! The item linked below currently has 10 variations, and each blends unrefined shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s use lavender as an example. Lavender oil has a multitude of healing qualities, supported with clinical studies. It’s well documented, for instance, that lavender promotes sleep. It acts to rejuvenate the skin without aggravating it. It’s anti-microbial, can help heal burns and cuts, and can soothe the itching of insect bites. It can even relieve psychological stress. Beyond that, the fragrance is so enticing that I’m almost addicted to it.

Another thing: If you want a stressless buying experience, purchase this straight from If you’re a Prime Member, as I am, you can have it in precisely 2 days with zero shipping expense. If you’re not a Prime Member, purchase 2 containers and you’ll get shipping free.

Just click below and follow the path straight to Amazon to ply your skin and your senses with Lavender Shea Butter, or another heavenly variety.

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Unrefined Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved All Its Onerous Skin Problems With One Natural Product

Judy and Sam Johnson are both park rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can linger into June, where temperatures in the winter can reach minus 35, and where Memorial Day can look like a white Christmas. Historically it was a job held only by men; however, today Judy and Sam both patrol the park’s boundaries by snowmobile, do search and rescue missions, and maintain the park’s water works.

Just consider trying to find babysitters in the backcountry when it’s -20 degrees and falling! Well, that’s exactly what Judy and Sam were obliged to do for their 3 year old, Alex.

The Johnsons wouldn’t give up their way of life for anything, but they do have several challenges. Skin troubles top the list. In the severe winter season, both Judy and Sam are burdened with raw, rough faces, hands and lips. And, their son’s skin is so dry that he almost scratches it right off his young body.

One Saturday in December, Judy was on the phone, relating the household’s skin travails to her sister, Jessica. With enthusiasm, Jessica suggested to Judy that she get some raw, virgin shea nut butter. “You’ll never use anything else on your skin again!”

Of course, getting shea butter in mid December in Yellowstone wasn’t exactly a breeze, so when 2 containers of it arrived in the mail, thanks to Jessica, Judy was more than pleased. A lovely picture adorned both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One label said “Romantic Rose Shea Butter,” and the other “Healing Tea Tree Shea Butter.” Both selections consisted of just raw, natural shea butter and 100% pure essential oils.

Before she applied the shea butter, Judy breathed in the bouquets from both containers and delighted in the enticing, natural fragrances. The lavender was beyond delicious, and the tea tree was deeply satisfying . Both scents were full, not merely hints of the essential oil. Judy was thrilled at the opportunity to treat her skin while also getting an aromatherapy session.

She realized from the minute she rubbed the buttery substance all over her body that shea butter was the answer to her husband’s, her son’s and her own skin troubles. Her skin drank it up and demanded more.

Four weeks after that, red, chapped, irritated lips, hands and elbows are no longer problems for any of the Johnsons. Alex’s skin is moisturized for the entire day with an all-over application of pure shea nut butter. Sam loves the Tea Tree version, and is looking forward to trying other scents. Judy loves the Lavender Shea Butter, and wants to try all the fragrance selections.

To her surprise, since beginning to apply shea butter, Judy has noticed her stretch marks fading. She also mailed a jar of Jasmine Shea Butter to her mom, who reported back that it was more deeply moisturizing than any other product she had previously put on her face, and asserted that her wrinkles and fine lines were slowly lifting.

Jessica had it right: Judy and her family will never be without unrefined shea butter again, and, they will never buy shea butter without the luscious essential oils.

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