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Should You Try Mineral Makeup?

I’m sure everyone has heard of mineral makeup but if you haven’t tried any yet, you should to give them a try. 

Is there really any benefit to using mineral makeup?

The best mineral makeup can actually be quite beneficial for your skin. Using minerals on the skin is not a new invention. Way before modern makeup, minerals and natural pigments were used for skin care and makeup. 

Does all the excitement over mineral makeup mean it actually is better?  What are the actual benefits to using minerals?

The advantages of using mineral makeup is not just excitement and they can in fact be beneficial for your skin. The main advantage is the fact that these makeup brands do not contain the long list of chemical additives and preservatives. Instead of chemicals, mineral makeup is made up of natural, sterilized minerals that are pulverized until extremely fine and then natural colorings are added.

One benefit of minerals is that they let your skin to breathe which prevents blemishes or acne. The trouble with chemicals in makeup is they can irritate conditions such as rosacea and acne. They also can produce other people to have allergic reactions or sensitivities resulting in redness, inflammation and rashes.

Many traditional makeup products have chemicals and oils which allow the makeup to glide on easily for natural looking coverage; however, they can also clog pores and encourage bacteria growth resulting in blemishes and acne for many. Liquid and cream foundations can be trouble for acne prone skin or oily skin that usually just ends up oilier. These makeup products also tend to not wear very well on oily skin.

You may advantage from switching to mineral makeup if you have acne, rosacea, sensitive or very oily skin.

In addition to missing man-made chemicals, many lines of mineral makeup now have ingredients that are good for your skin. Minerals offer natural sun protection which helps slow the aging process.  Many mineral cosmetics include zinc and magnesium which are natural anti-inflammatories and help ease irritated, red skin. Antioxidants, vitamins and other anti-aging ingredients are also included in many mineral makeup varieties.

They can help absorb oil and with a portable brush applicator, it’s easy to reapply as often as required while on the go.

Another advantage to minerals in the natural looking coverage and healthy glow they create on your skin. Minerals can hide discoloration, redness and hide fine lines.
Mineral makeup is also nice because it lasts quite a bit longer than many liquid foundations. Because minerals are naturally resistant to water, they can last as much as eight hours even while at the beach or pool.  Athletes and career women don’t have to spend their day concerned about their makeup fading, smudging or streaking.

What are the drawbacks to mineral makeup?

Your color options are more limited because minerals only use natural pigments. Those with darker complexions can have more trouble finding the best color match for their skin.

Mineral makeup doesn’t contain the list of chemicals typical of other makeup, they can still contain one or more ingredients that some people can find irritating to their skin.  Some women have had skin reactions to some minerals that have ingredients they are sensitive to. The two most common culprits are bismuth oxychoride and mica. Some people have experienced their skin becoming red and itchy, particularly in hot weather.

It’s more difficult to travel with loose mineral powder foundation because it can be very messy. Fortunately you can now find a variety of portable applicator brushes with minerals in the base, which makes it easy to travel and apply your make on the go. You may want to keep your loose powders for at home use only.

Give mineral makeup a try if you are looking for another choice other than makeup filled with chemicals and preservatives.

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