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Skin Bleaching: Simple Tips For ASuccesful Result

Skin whitening has been an issue on some areas of the society. With the appearance of Sammy Sosa’s photo in the web , the issue on bleaching rose up again. The case of Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was then a hot item on the skin bleaching issue.

Sammy Sosa’s photo showed a major skin color change : from a black to a fair skin. Many other people were also successful in bleaching their skin, but there are others who failed to do the process. Instead of white result, it turned out to damaged result.

Skin bleaching does not mainly depend on the brand of the product. It also depends on how you do the process. Let me tell you something on how to do it right .
1. Right product gives the a successful result.

Safety should be the first thing to consider . Avoid purchasing Bleaching creams with toxic components such as mercury, hydroquinone, and steroids. So, what do you think is the best? Let us go for natural! Look for products that contain natural extracts such as licorice, Kojic acid, and others.

2. Have your skin moisturizer be ready.

After applying bleaching creams, your skin will peel or exfoliate. To avoid too much dryness of the skin, moisturizer should be applied to bring out a lightened and fresh skin. Apply moisturizers approximately 5 to 10 minutes after having the bleaching cream on your skin.

3. Apply sun screen when going out .

Choose sun block that has the ability to protect you from tanning, aging, and wrinkling of the skin. The higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the better. Remember, whether you are under skin lightening treatment or not, always apply sun blocks to protect your skin from over tanning and from possible skin cancer .

4. Have a regular intake of Vitamin C

Enough body supply of vitamin C improves the skin’s suppleness and it slows down melanin formation. Fruits as oranges, lemons, and others are good source of vitamin C.

5. Treat your skin with care

Now you have a light and beautiful skin. But, the process does not end there. Maintain a healthy skin. Drink enough water, eat the right food, and have enough sleep . A fair and healthy skin is a perfect combination.

Results of skin bleaching do not last for a life time. Like other treatments, maintenance is required for longer results.

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