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Skin Care Shows That A Woman Cares

Your hands and skin give away a number of things about yourself.How you lead your life and how you take care of yourself, even how heavy a smoker you are.It’s the skin that gives away your age, irrespective of how old you are and how much makeup you use.  In terms of skin care regimes, it’s the hands and feet that deserve most attention.Having calluses on your feet for example causes uneven pressure when you walk or stand which leads to painful feet when you’re on them all day.You hands are perhaps where your skin is most assaulted and abused because they are the most exposed.  That’s unavoidable as you can’t work without hands. They let you eat, cook, greet others and play a vital role in communication.

Skin care products are therefore not just a desirable extra when it comes to your wellness regime; they’re an absolute essential that extends far beyond a manicure.  The skin at the back of hands is very soft and thin and shows wrinkles very quickly while the palms are relatively thicker and tougher.The hands do not have any sebaceous glands so they have no natural moisture and can get dry and rough very quickly.   They need regular protection and lubrication, ideally as part of a spa day treatment programme.   After any treatment, you should get into the habit of keeping moisturising cream near the hand basin and apply it whenever you wash your hands.After washing, pat dry your hands and massage the moisturiser into them.

There are a number of gifts for women that include spa treatments and products that can not only nourish and hydrate the hands and cuticles but also relieve aching joints.  To maintain the appearance that you’ve just achieved as part of the spa day or through using skin care products you should  always wear rubber gloves while doing any work around the house like doing the laundry or dish washing and always wear gloves when gardening.

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