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Some Theories About Slowing The Aging.

One of the first theories about the life expectancy was formulated in 1908 and was called the “energy theory of aging.” The gist of it was in dependence of lifespan on the body weight with the following pattern – the more weight, the longer the life. To increase the life expectancy, it was considered necessary to exercise a minimum of physical activity.

This theory was untenable. Today some basic scientific theories of aging were formulated, based on which the tips were compiled for those who want to prolong youthfulness of their body. Researchers found that in the process of living and the consumption of oxygen in the body the special molecules are formed that are known as free radicals or peroxides. Hence we have the name of the theory – “theory of free radicals.”

Such molecules are highly active when combining with other molecules and cause oxidation of organic molecules. This leads to disruption of the cell, it loses its normal function and healthy tissue is altered. Typically, oxidation by free radicals occurs during the inflammatory process. Normally, the body has the antioxidant system that detects and destroys molecules of radicals.

But with age, they become more active, and the protective system of the person ceases to deal with them. However, the level of antioxidants can be controlled by diet and adding in diet foods or products containing antioxidants. The essence of nutrition, slowing the aging, primarily, is replacement of animal fats with vegetable because they contain natural antioxidants. These are the ascorbic acid and succinic acid, vitamin E, vitamins of B group, trace minerals zinc and selenium.

You can also take multivitamin supplements containing these substances in pure form. Use of antioxidants can help slow the aging process. With age, body tissues lose their elasticity. This happens because of appearance of the bridges or the so-called cross-linking between protein molecules. Such age-related changes are most pronounced in the connective tissues, blood vessels and muscles.

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