Shea Butter – The Perfect Psoriasis Cream

Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter – Psoriasis Treatment Without Side Effects.

Psoriasis sufferers will have an excellent interest in the results of clinical tests performed by the Weiss Institute where the results of the considerable screening has offered validated proof that unrefined Shea butter works as an effective solution for the symptoms of Psoriasis due to it’s thick hydrating qualities which are now shown to help in keeping moisture while also protecting skin from external damage normally associated with the condition.
Shea butter, due to its natural condition, has zero chemical materials allowing the natural fats to be taken in by the skin cells. African Shea butter is exceptionally high in natural vitamins, unlike man made vitamins, these have the ability to be taken in by the body.
Vitamin E has been shown to help with skin which is dry and has also been associated with reparation of broken cells and is said to be a natural option to balancing and ‘normalising’ skin, while Vitamin A has a calming and hydrating quality which is ideal for Psoriasis patients and Vitamin F is likewise substantial in the therapy of psoriasis symptoms due to its natural capability to sooth rough skin and hair by methods of the 3 essential fatty acids linoleic, lonolenic and arachidonic acids.
Shea butter holds the key to your symptom free skin, if you can spare 2 minutes, then your effort and time won’t be lost.

The information on this video is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.

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What You Grandmother Knows About Natural Remedies

Remember the days of old when Grandmother strapped a warm mustard pack to our congested chests when we had a cold? Or used a warmed tea bag to rid pink eye, a clove of garlic to stop an earache, or prepared a mixture of chaparral and olive oil as a cure for itchy skin? I do.

Distances between townships, limited funds, and the lack of readily available medical professionals and facilities all dictated that a woman be not only a wife, mother, and housekeeper, but doctor as well. Folklore healing practices, curative uses of herbs, and other medicinal “family secrets” were stealthily guarded and passed down from one generation to the next.

Of course, some of yesteryear’s touted cures were not truly cures at all. Superstition and myth “remedies,” without any practical application, crept into the mix. Little by little and through the years, suspicion as to the validity of any natural, herbal remedy began to take root.

For instance, witch doctor type practices such as hanging herbs that resembled tears around a child’s neck to help him cut teeth. “Reading” tea leaves to foretell future love interests, and assertions like placing certain spices under the pillow would improve memory, prejudiced many toward the genuine curative uses of herbs.

That is why some modern day practitioners regard the medicinal use of herbs as “quackery;” nothing more than old-wives tales. There are, however, a growing number of otherwise conventional medical professionals who acknowledge what Grandmother knew all along. Natural, herbal remedies as a means to maintain good health and cure certain diseases are valid. Nature’s drug store is making a comeback.

And why should that be surprising? After all, we — like plants — are organic. It is the synthetic drugs used today that were formulated to mimic their natural counterparts, and not the other way around. In days of old, there was no other way to treat illness and discomfort, help heal wounds, or cure bodily dysfunctions than with natural means.

It was while living in tune with nature and studying wildlife that early man learned of the medicinal “powers” of herbs. Animals bitten by a poisonous snake survived after chewing snakeroot, a wounded bear rolled in mud to better heal and escape infection, and old, rheumatoid deer eased their misery and made joints more limber by resting under the therapeutic rays of the sun.

Nature’s well worked out plan for good health and freedom from disease is observed in animals. It is people who have strayed from nature’s medicine chest to create man-made remedies — some of which are less effective, costly, and riddled with negative side-effects.

By working with, and not against nature, we increase our chance of a more healthy life, while decreasing our risk of disease and premature bodily limitations and dysfunctions.

Dermasolve is just as good, even better than grandmother’s natural treatment for psoriasis.

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Cure for Psoriasis? – How to Deal With Psoriasis While Looking for a Cure..

All those who have had to live with psoriasis problems and suffering will already know the embarrassment, the heartache and despair, the difficulties, that the condition brings with it. Permanent cures for psoriasis are still elusive. Most sufferers have not yet found a cure for their psoriasis, one that actually works for them, so they continue searching.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes dry scaly areas with itching, rashes and motley red sores. The rash is terribly unattractive and the sores weep and run. The problems are hard to hide. The embarrassing condition can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable whenever you are around other people. Psoriasis sufferers typically clothe themselves to cover all their skin from head to toe. This even during the hottest days of summer.

Psoriasis is not anything that anyone should be embarrassed about. Psoriasis is just an inconvenient condition of the skin that seems to be difficult to cure. Although you should do your best to avoid scratching, that’s just not possible at all times. Whenever you have unsightly rashes, even wounds or sores, just going out and being seen by others can be problematic. But don’t permit it to send you into hiding, staying locked away indoors all the time.

Oftentimes it might very well seem to you that you’re the only person in the world suffering from psoriasis. However, many others are actually in the same place with the same problems and feel precisely the same.

Just as you are covering up your rashes, there are others out there who are doing the exact same thing. Perhaps the guy or gal in the office or at the desk next to you where you work is suffering from psoriasis too. Would you ever know?

Many, many other people out there are suffering from psoriasis and numerous other problems. You are not alone. Just as it’s hard to find a cure for psoriasis, it’s hard to find cures for fibroid cysts, kidney stones, heart disease and many others. If you like, you could join a nearby support group made up of others with similar challenges.

Going out and risking letting your rashes be seen can be very difficult to do. It’s easy for you to go around in shorts and short-sleeve shirt at home; you know how you look and are used to it. But hiding yourself, shutting yourself up in your house is not a viable answer. That just leads to even more problems. You can end up feeling depressed or suffer anxiety attacks. And that added stress may cause even more severe psoriasis attacks.

Don’t let the “psoriasis nettle” intimidate you! Grasp the nettle firmly, pull it out and take charge. Stand tall, hold your head up high, tell people you have a condition called psoriasis, that it’s not catching or serious, just inconvenient. Tell them that this is just temporary until they (or you) find a cure for psoriasis. Stop the stares and whispers by being open about it. Show them your rashes, your scars from earlier outbreaks.

Others will cue off of your attitude and openness. If you are positive and accepting of psoriasis, they will be too. If they see that it doesn’t bother you, then it won’t bother them!

Speaking openly about psoriasis and its problems will work to increase public awareness. It can encourage others with the same symptoms, maybe never even knowing what they were, to come out and talk about it. Talking openly about your psoriasis will empower you, enable you, let you take charge of the ailment and manage it, rather than allowing it to control you.

Then do something else constructive. Begin a serious search for cures for psoriasis! Find a cure for psoriasis that works for you!

Jorge Chavez is an experienced researcher, writer and student of how to manage your human body. Click on these links for more information about cures for psoriasis and a cure for psoriasis for you!

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Psoriasis – there is hope!

Do you, like me, suffer from psoriasis? Have the all too obvious symptoms of psoriasis like areas of dry skin, been a cause for embarrassment? Has psoriasis affected your self confidence and your ability to lead a normal life?

These are questions that, for me, until a few years ago, the answer to all would have been a resounding YES! Because of recurring outbreaks of psoriasis, I hardly ever went to the beach, stayed at home when my friends went out clubbing and let the psoriasis control my life – negatively!

And then I was rescued! I’m not exaggerating, because something my dermatologist suggested turned my life around and all within the space of two months.

A wonder drug – no, a wondrous place!

After years of psoriasis treatments I was fed up! Fed up with creams and drugs, health farms and lotions, fed up with diets and all sorts of wonder treatments that promised “instant relief” from psoriasis.

Katerine Lev

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Portland Oregon Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes rapid skin cell production which results in large red, dry, flaky, and extremely itchy patches of skin. It is said to affect more than 2.2% of Americans and 1% to 3% of the worlds population. Psoriasis is characterized by periodic flare-ups of red patches that are usually covered by silvery, flaky skin. The exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown and there is no cure as of yet, but most researchers believe that a combination of several factors contributes to the development of this disease. Things like heredity, overactive immune systems, and environmental as well as physiological triggers seem to effect flare-ups. Psoriasis is a skin disease or infection that is believed to be caused when the immune system becomes triggered and shifts into overdrive. This causes a persons immune system produces more white blood cells than it normally does. Because of this, the skin cannot grow normally, this results in large scaly patches and extremely dry and itchy skin all throughout the affected area. In most people who suffer from Psoriasis, it seems that they most likely inherited the disease, and it usually presents during young adulthood or after a viral infection like strep throat triggers short, small attacks of Psoriasis. It is estimated that one third of all Psoriasis sufferers have a family member that also has it.

Psoriasis actually has many different ways that it can appear. It may show up as either small flattened bumps, large thick plaques of raised skin, red patches, and pink mildly dry skin to big flakes of dry skin that simply flake off. Psoriasis Vulgaris is the most common type, but others include Guttate Psoriasis which are small droplet like lesion, Inverse Psoriasis which appears in the underarm, navel, and buttocks, Pustular Psoriasis which are small yellowish fluid filled blisters, and Palmoplantar Psoriasis which primarily affects the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Psoriasis can also be associated with joint problems in about 10%-35% of patients. This type of joint based Psoriasis is called Psoriatic Arthritis. In fact, sometimes joint pains maybe the only sign of this type of disorder with completely clear skin. Inflammation can occur in any joints (arthritis), although the joints of the hands, knees, and ankles tend to be most commonly affected.

Treatments are based on the severity of each individual person with the disease and how it responded to prior treatments. The lowest level of treatment would be a topical medication that is applied to the affected skin. Topical Corticosteroids come in many preparations, including sprays, liquid, creams, gels, ointments, and mousses. Steroids come in many different strengths, including stronger ones are used for elbows, knees, and tougher skin areas and milder ones for areas like the face, underarms, and groin. The next step might involve treatments with ultraviolet light (phototherapy). There are several types of traditional medical light therapies called PUVA, UVB, and narrow band UVB. The next step would be to start taking oral medications. Oral medications include acitretin, cyclosporine, methotrexate, mycophenolate mofetil, and others. Oral prednisone (corticosteroid) is generally not used in psoriasis and may cause a disease flare if administered to many patients. Treatments are often combined to maximize effectiveness, or they might get switched around every 12 to 24 months to help aid against resistance and adverse reactions. It is important to keep in mind that as with any medical condition, all medications carry possible side effects. No medication is 100% effective for everyone, and no medication is 100% safe. Overall, the prognosis for most patients with psoriasis is good. While it is not curable, it is controllable.

Visit for all your skin care needs and questions. Robert Davidson is a free lance writer for the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery


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Natural Psoriasis Cures Secret – Healing Psoriasis Easily

Before I start, you may also

There are natural cures for psoriasis, as well as modern medical cures. Healing psoriasis in natural way is worth a try. The natural healing psoriasis remedies are readily available, and are much less expensive.

Many people may think that psoriasis is not a life threatening disease, however, psoriasis skin disease is one of the worst ailment that you may had. It is because it will interfer your normal living lifestyle due to severe discomfort and other unpleasant physical disorder caused by psoriasis.

It is better for anyone who are diagnosed with psoriasis skin disease to look for treatment as soon as possible. And before you proceed with the treatment, it is better for you to understand more about psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type, with 80% of people afflicted having this type. The others are called vulgaris, guttate, pustular and inverse. With plaque psoriasis there are hard, raised, red patches, with a silvery while scaly coating. The pain, intense itching, sometimes bleeding and cracking of the skin, make it difficult for some to perform everyday tasks, such as walking, sleeping and personal care. Although psoriasis is not contagious, the sight of someone with psoriasis can be disturbing to others, which cause psoriasis patient lose their self confidence, self esteem and their social ability.  In an attempt to hide the skin condition, some may wear extra clothing, even on a hot summer day.

Hi, I was the victim of chronic plague psoriasis in the past. i suffered this health problem for 5 years and basically tried all kinds of treatment without getting significant results. Some of the natural remedies recommended to me did provide certain level of temporary positive effect but they fade off after I stop using them. I consulted clinical expert but the medication given is not suitable to me and always came along with side effect. I was frustrated and really wanted to give up. Fortunately a year ago I was introduced by a friend an very treatment which cured me totally!!


Visit my website Natural Cures For Psoriasis and try to understand more about psoriasis and get the natural treatment of psoriasis that effectively cure me.

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Psoriasis treatment – the basics

Disease in someone’s life is as sure as death. This sounds really grim, but unfortunately it is true. You cannot go throughout your life and not get a cold or something like that. But colds are not the only thing that hits us and sometimes we are forced to deal with greater threats that involve not only our physical health, but our mental approach on life as well.<

Do you have any idea what a person suffering from a potentially fatal disease has to face? Even though we say that we are a society with little prejudice, when we hear about such a person, we start thinking about him or her differently, which is one of the worst things we can do.

Fatal diseases are not the only ones that change the opinion of people around us. Someone that doesn’t know you can’t know what is going on inside you. But when diseases such as psoriasis, which affects the way we look, creeps into our lives, from that point on our self esteem suffers a significant blow. As soon as they find out about it, people start looking for a psoriasis treatment.

Forget about all the artificial solutions offered by doctors on how to treat psoriasis. If you want something that really provides results, you need to test a sample of Platysol and be convinced that this is the best psoriasis treatment money can buy.

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A Natural Approach to Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that can be very uncomfortable, even painful. No other skin problem really compares to it. Though there is not a permanent cure for psoriasis, there is a natural cure that can be effective in treating the flare ups that occur.

Psoriasis affects millions of people all around the world. Outbreaks happen more often for some than others. It can affect anyone, anywhere, in any age group or of any gender. With psoriasis, skin cells produce much faster than what is normal, causing there to be many layers of skin with severe inflammation. These are called psoriasis plaques.

The worst cases of psoriasis may need to be treated with prescription medications. For less severe outbreaks of psoriasis, herbal treatments can do very well. Oatmeal baths will offer some immediate relief and helps with removal of scaly skin. Even if the plaques are of several layers, the oatmeal will moisturize the extra scales.

For more information on herbal remedies for psoriasis, visit

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Psoriasis Home Remedies and Natural Cure for Erythrodermic Psoriasis

Psoriasis and vitamins, is there any real connection and can they actually help, especially vitamin D? The answer to the question is yes as well as no, as there are several arguments that vitamin D alone can help cure this wicked skin condition. More info visits our website

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Try not to injure the skin, even with excessive rubbing, chafing or scratching. Don’t allow the skin to become scratched by anything and even things like a tight watchband can make the psoriasis flare up in the affected area.

Zostrix cream is used to treat shingles and is an over the counter cream. It takes out the substance P from the body and takes down the itching and pain associated with the psoriatic lesions. You need to use it regularly and for at least three weeks for it to work on the psoriasis.

Obesity seems to worsen psoriasis so if you lose weight, your psoriasis will be better. You can have fewer skin folds for the psoriasis to build up in, especially if you have inverse psoriasis.

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Read more on Skin Disorder and Psoriasis Treatment and Symptoms of Psoriasis

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Psoriasis And Climotherapy – Part 1

Psoriasis overview

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, non- contagious, not life threatening but one that can cause those afflicted by it to mental and emotional stress and suffering. The outward signs of psoriasis can be off putting to the casual observer who knows nothing of the disease. The dry, scaly patches of skin exhibited by psoriasis, primarily on the face, scalp, elbows or knees, can be disturbing and evoke deep emotions and fears in the observer. Human beings, being what they are, often find it difficult to hide their immediate reaction to signs of psoriasis and many, especially small children, can be vocal in their reactions.

These reactions to the outward symptoms of psoriasis often cause psoriasis sufferers to become wary of social encounters. They may cover up the signs of psoriasis, may refrain from going to the pool or the beach and in extreme cases, may even adopt the lifestyle of a semi-recluse.

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Katerine Lev

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