Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis: What you need to know

Scalp psoriasis affects over half of those who suffer from psoriasis. Essentially it is just where a flare up of psoriasis occurs on the scalp; however the usual treatments for psoriasis are difficult to apply to this area.

Will it come back?

As with most forms of psoriasis, scalp psoriasis can come and go. For some it may disappear completely and others it may come back after a period of remission. Treatments for scalp psoriasis are effective, and the symptoms should be cleared after a few weeks of treatment.

How do I manage it?

Scalp psoriasis can often be managed at home with medicated shampoos and conditioners. There are many specially formulated shampoos on the market that are mild enough not to cause aggravation, and medicated to help sooth and soften the plaque. These shampoos help to soften the scale ready for removal, and can be used even after symptoms have passed to keep your scalp healthy.

When do I go to the doctor?

If your scalp is covered with thick scale, or you are not noticing any effects from a medicated shampoo, then consult your GP. He may arrange a visit to a specialist dermatologist, or prescribe a different sort of treatment.

Katharine Botanicals provide a range of products for scalp psoriasis treatment including a psoriasis shampoo.

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Keep Psoriasis Moist

Psoriasis is a condition of the skin. It flares up in the form of scaly red dry patches causing unsightly patches and much discomfort.

Those that suffer from it equate their flare ups with having an unwanted guest. They suddenly show up, irritate you and know one knows what to do with them. There are several treatments for this skin condition that can range from itchy to down right painful. For any psoriasis sufferer, the first port of call should be your doctor. However, never be afraid to ask your doctor about home remedies that can help your condition. One such home remedy is keeping the skin moist.

You can keep the skin moist in a variety of ways. Soaking the skin is a very effective way. Warm baths, soaking and swimming, help to re-hydrate the skin. This can also help to remove some of the dry, hard scaly skin that can develop. Soaking helps the skin stay moist as well as reduces the itching. The scaly skin, which can act as a barrier to many creams and medications can be removed more easily. If your don’t wish to soak or don’t have the time, applying cool wet compressed to the areas can also help.

It is important to remember that if you soak frequently, you should apply some moisturizer straight after. Soaking can remove some of the skins natural oils. Doing this too often without re-moisturizing the skin can actually make the problem worse. Make sure, at least within 3 minutes of your soak, you apply a moisturizer with heavy emollient. This will replace what was lost by the soak and help your skin stay moisturized.

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Treatment for Psoriasis – what to expect

Treatment Options

Once you get your psoriasis diagnosed, your doctor will recommend or prescribe a course of treatments for you. If your psoriasis is mild, then you may be recommended over the counter treatments, otherwise you are likely to be prescribed medicated treatments. There are a range of treatment options for psoriasis, and doctors tend to start out by trying the options with the least severe side effects first. If these topical treatments fail, then they move onto phototherapy and systemic treatments.

Non-medicated Emollient Creams

If your psoriasis is not severe then it is likely that you will be prescribed an emollient cream, which is basically a hypoallergenic moisturising cream. This will help to moisturise the skin and help prevent the plaques from drying out and cracking. This in turn prevents the pain and itching, and will help aid the healing process. There are also a range of natural, herbal psoriasis treatment creams available over the counter.

Emma writes for katharine Botanicals, who produce a range of psoriasis treatment including pustular psoriasis treatments.

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Cause, symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common chronic, relapsing, non-contagious skin disorder characterised by red patchy lesions, with grey or silvery-white, dry scales, which are frequently painful, itchy and may bleed. Lesions are typically distributed symmetrically on the scalp, elbows, knees and essentially any part of the body. It is a disease with an unpredictable course, prone to flare-ups and remissions, and which can affect the joints, nails and eyes [1, 2]. Psoriasis is found worldwide but the prevalence varies among different ethnic groups. It affects 1-5% of Europeans overall, with rates as high as 6% in France and Germany. In the UK, it is the 3rd most common dermatological disease, affecting approximately 1-2% of the population; this equates to approximately 1.2 million people and accounts for 10-20% of visits to a hospital dermatology unit [1, 3, 4]. It can afflict both men and women, and usually begins in early adulthood although it has been reported at birth. The mean age of onset for the first presentation of psoriasis can range from 15-20 years of age, with a second peak occurring between ages 55-60 years.

Psoriasis is generally categorised into one of three severities based on the extent of body surface covered. Where 2% of the body is affected, it is classified as mild, where 3-10% of the body is covered, it is classified as moderate and where more than 10% of the body is affected, the disease is classified as severe. Based on these criteria, approximately 25-30% of patients have psoriasis, which is considered moderate to severe.

Causes or Risk Factors

The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown; however, numerous studies have attempted to define the risk factors for developing psoriasis. The following have been named as risk factors for the development of psoriasis,

1. Family history (genetics)
This is the most well established risk factor for the development of psoriasis. Approximately 40% of patients with psoriasis have a family history amongst first-degree relatives. It has also been noted that psoriasis develops in as many as half of the siblings when both parents have psoriasis, this falls to 16% when only one parent is affected, and 8% when neither parent is affected but there is an affected sibling.

2. Infections
Bacterial and viral infections may be linked to psoriasis; however, beyond streptococcus, the role of other infections in precipitating psoriasis has not been studied [4, 6].

3. Alcohol and smoking
Some studies have suggested smoking or alcohol as a cause of psoriasis. Although a large proportion of these studies have been case-control studies, based on a typical group of patients admitted to hospital, in a population based study, alcohol was shown to be a significant risk factor for mortality among patients suffering from psoriasis. Not only that, alcohol has been associated with worsening of skin disease after drinking in men and women and treatment failures. Alcohol seems to affect dermatological diseases such as psoriasis by influencing metabolism, cutaneous vasculature (arrangement of blood vessel around the skin), and the immune response. Alcohol intake can lead to liver dysfunction, when the liver cannot get rid of toxins as a result of this, the different systems in the body are affected, including the skin. The skin, trying to purge itself of toxins may result in an immune related disease, such as psoriasis. It is quite possible that alcohol may alter the expression of psoriasis and its clinical course. Abstinence from alcohol can induce remission [4, 6, 8].

The role of smoking as a risk factor for psoriasis remains elusive. According to Neimann et al (2006) in 1992, researchers in the UK evaluated 108 patients with new psoriasis and compared rates with matched controls in the community. They showed a significant association between smoking “prior to onset” and psoriasis.

Although it has often been implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of the disease, conclusive data on the role of smoking is currently lacking. As indicated by some studies, whether or not smoking causes psoriasis, cessation probably does not alter the course of the disease [4, 6].

4. Trauma
Psoriasis may appear at the sites of trauma, including sites of sunburn, following surgery or biopsies, or even after simply scratching an area.

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Psoriasis Treatment And 15 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-infectious disease that affects mostly the skin. It is presently supposed to be autoimmune in origin. It usually causes red, scaly patches to emerge on the skin, though some patients contain no dermatological symptoms.. Skin quickly collect at these sites and takes on a silvery-white appearance. Plaques regularly happen on the skin of the elbows and knees, but can influence any region counting the scalp, palms of hands and soles of feet, and genitals. In difference to eczema, psoriasis is extra probable to be found on the extensor feature of the joint.

Causes of Psoriasis

1.    Due to irregularity in the mechanism in which the skin grows and put back itself

2.    Irregularity with the metabolism of amino acids

3.    Use of sure medicines

4.    Unpaid to infections

5.    Genetics issue are also responsible

6.    Bodily and emotional strain

Symptoms of Psoriasis
1.    Red and aggravated skin with brilliant silvery scales

2.    Sometimes escort with slight itching

Treatment to Avoid Psoriasis
Dead Sea Salts, this conventional psoriasis treatment to healing obviously has been used in the center east for thousands of years. We have a 6 week psoriasis treatment agenda designed to employ in your home.

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Ways To Apply Tar Based Psoriasis Treatments

Tar based psoriasis treatments (whether creams or ointments) tend to get on to your clothes and bed linen unless you do something to prevent this happening. The dark marks should wash out, but they can be rather annoying which is why parts of your body that are treated with these preparations are often protected with bandages. A simple tube-shaped bandage that stays in place and does not have to be wound on and off is often the most convenient. It is a lot easier to wash a few bandages than whole sets of clothes. If the areas being treated are on your abdomen or back, a set of cheap cotton underwear will carry out the same job as a bandage and keep your clothes free of mess. If you are being treated in hospital, the nurse may sprinkle a little dusting powder on to the treated area to cut down the mess, but this is not really necessary.

Treating Scalp Psoriasis

The skin on your scalp is just as sensitive as that on your face, and ordinary tar preparations are a bit harsh for it. Special ointments and lotion have been developed for the scalp and are often quite effective. Psoriasis creams and lotions containing corticosteroids are the most popular scalp treatments and are easy and not unpleasant to use. Older ointments tend to be made up of a mixture of traditional ingredients such as wood tar, sulphur, salicylic acid and coconut oil. They sometimes smell a bit odd and are not always popular with my patients!

The majority of psoriasis treatments mainly work with handling the symptoms, including ones containing tar. If you suffer with psoriasis, or take care of a person who does, learn how to actually become psoriasis free for life with these rather simple natural remedies.

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Psoriasis Causes and Treatment for Psoriasis Natural Cure

Psoriasis is a noncontagious common skin condition that causes rapid skin cell reproduction resulting in red, dry patches of thickened skin. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the rapid buildup of skin cells. Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp.

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Psoriasis is a disease that appears on the skin and it occurs when faulty signals are sent out by the immune system which speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis causes red scaly patches that appear on the skin that are also known as psoriatic plaques wherein there is extra skin production resulting in inflammation and flaking of the skin. Psoriasis skin disease could affect almost any area of the surface of a body but they frequently occur on the skin of elbows, knees, scalp, palms or even soles of feet. This disease is not contagious and can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. If it is not taken care of, psoriasis could cause serious impact on a person’s day to day life. The symptoms for this condition include thick red patches, silvery scales, dry or cracked skin and thick or rigid nails. There is no need for undergoing a specific blood test or any other procedure to diagnose psoriasis since appearance of the skin is a diagnosis in itself. However, in some cases a skin biopsy may be needed to rule out any other disorders and to get a confirmation of the disease.


As of today there is no cure for this condition, although treating psoriasis is possible. Psoriasis treatment falls into 3 categories; topical, systematic and phototherapy. Topical treatment uses application of medication to the skin and this is generally used in cases of mild psoriasis. Lotions which are readily available are applied to the skin to get quick results. A systematic treatment includes dermatologists prescribing drugs that help in reducing effects of psoriasis. These drugs maybe induced, taken orally or injected into the person suffering from this disease. Phototherapy is another procedure used in the treatment for psoriasis wherein the ultraviolet rays are introduced to the skin using ultraviolet lamps since ultraviolet rays can drastically slow down the growth of skin cells. Although sun bathing can be a remedy, lasers and ultraviolet lamps are usually preferred to obtain quick and specific results. Apart from sunlight other psoriasis remedies include regular seawater baths, use of mud packs, application of cabbage leaf extracts on affected area, application of olive oil and a bath with Epsom salt. It is very important to make a note that there is no cure for psoriasis, so it becomes important for one to choose a lifestyle that helps in taking care of the skin.

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Are Psoriasis Home Remedies Correct for You?

Psoriasis sufferers have a number of treatment options to consider for his or her personal use. These variety from prescription medications, more than the counter goods and even natural or home remedies. Each individual is unique, and Psoriasis might manifest differently in every individual, and not every treatment will operate for everyone. Add to this, the fact that every person has personal preferences. One person might choose prescription medicine, while an additional is more comfortable with home remedies.

We can see five crucial elements why some people select .

The first reason is the fact that natural treatments are lower cost than conventional choices. In the same time, they’ve also been shown to be fairly efficient. The concept of becoming able to use products that already may be at home is extremely appealing to people who’d like to conserve money and maintain their health care costs as minimal as possible.

In these times where there are so many without health insurance, and when treatments are pricey even with well being insurance, people are searching for ways to avoid physician visits where possible, and this is the second reason why numerous choose , especially some thing they can manage with home remedies. The added benefit of time financial savings from avoiding doctor visits, is really a related appeal factor in pursuing home remedies.

The vast options with home remedies is really a big third cause. Choosing the remedy or natural treatment that is correct for you, and doing this at house, all in your own time is very appealing. Whether it’s choosing lukewarm baths, moist wraps, coconut oil applications, cabbage patches, or changes in diet, or any of the dozens of choices, the idea of selecting that which works for them is crucial, all from their personal home.

Some people are only plain vexed using the side effects of doctor prescribed medications, and would do what ever possible to avoid subjecting themselves to that pain. This then will be the fourth crucial reason why they select house remedies or natural Psoriasis treatments, exactly where there are few side effects, if at all. In trying to get themselves treated for Psoriasis, many people don’t want to get bogged down by other medical issues because of the treatment itself!

The fifth reason is that there is nothing truly to lose. You are in charge of your own aid and creating your personal remedy. Not numerous issues can go wrong and if they don’t operate, you are able to always stop utilizing them with out money being thrown out of your pocket. This is why many really feel that heading with natural and house remedies is the best Psoriasis treatment method.

Psoriasis isn’t fun to have and the outbreaks can be unbearable, but there are things you are able to do to help alleviate the symptoms. Home remedies and natural Psoriasis treatments are a cheap and easy method to discover relief. For great information on treatment for Psoriasis and managing Psoriasis, visit the Psoriasis Wisdom website.

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Does Skin Damage Bring about Psoriasis?

If you need to deal with skin conditions, like psoriasis frequently, it may very well be a very frustrating experience for you.  Many of us that have psoriasis frequently go through periods of time when it can be quite serious and this will be both physically and emotionally draining.  There may be times also whenever we manage long periods of time when the psoriasis is not evident at all nevertheless there is always the chance of it showing up at any given time.  There’s no doubt that psoriasis has the ability of producing skin damage, however it is also interesting to understand if skin damage is actually creating our psoriasis.

The very first thing that you have to comprehend is that medical science is really not capable to pinpoint the basis why we experience psoriasis in the first place.  They might come up with a handful thoughts of why the trouble is in place but quite simply, they are in fact guessing at the very best.  They do feel, however, that psoriasis is a genetic concern and it is more likely for anyone that has parents with psoriasis to face the problem themselves.

That being assumed, a lot of people are often unable to identify the basic reason for their psoriasis symptoms.  If you possess the inborn tendency to lean towards developing this problem, however, one can find a few things that you can do to be able to prevent having troubles with it too often.  One of the main ways of doing this is to evade any triggers  which might be taking place which cause a flare up in us as individuals.  This can either be emotional, like in the case of stress or it might be environmental, just like airborne allergies or chemicals.

One interesting things about psoriasis is the fact that skin damage may essentially cause it to crop up.  When we scratch our skin or if we have chemicals on our skin that damages it somehow, we may actually end up having a breakout of psoriasis in that area.  Hence it is of utmost importance that your handle your skin in a very gently in an effort to avoid any outbreaks of this condition where you can.

There are actually other things that you can do to avoid a breakout of psoriasis,but avoiding any kind of damage to your skin is one essential factor that you should bear in mind.

Chris is an IT consultant who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. While IT has been his passion, a bigger passion has been reading and writing. Over the last 2 years he has been publishing articles on various subjects.

Interest in Psoriasis started since a relative was diagnosed with it. Interestingly it was initially diagnosed as eczema. Only after research and visits to proper specialist did he find out that it was psoriasis.

The skin condition is now well under control. But it took a lot of determination, research and positive thinking the there.

Most articles posted relate to all research done. He hopes that he can share this with other psoriasis sufferers. Please visit to learn more about psoriasis management.

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Psoriasis Treatment Natural Remedies – Psoriasis Treatment Over The Counter

Have you along with your relatives or friends at any time endured with Psoriasis? Psoriasis just isn’t fatal but genuinely troublesome and embarrassing. And it can be definitely challenging to obtain rid of. Psoriasis brings men and women loads of discomfort and tragic reminiscences. In most people’s mind, there is no approach to tackle it.

But absolutely nothing is impossible. Here, Katy Wilson created the miracle by offering a guide named Psoriasis Cost-free for Life in 2009. The writer Katy Wilson was a victim of Psoriasis. She does understand what kind of feeling to suffer with Psoriasis. She knowledgeable plenty of poor processes and went to one physician immediately after another but ended up with a though ease. Therefore, she attempted to uncover the way to tackle Psoriasis by herself. Immediately after a number of times failures, she succeeded and assisted lots of many people like herself.

Here is what I learned from her book.

1) A correct bath or shower is very good for the skin. And add some all-natural oil or olive or the like to relief the itching and inflammation. 2) Use fragrance-free lotion and moisturizer throughout the day. And keep away from the bad top quality or strong scents at all cost. 3) Use all-natural products in your physique. And you need to consider care on the laundry to ensure your garments are clear and totally free from irritants. 4) Maintain your skin in a appropriate and comfy surroundings. The ideal climate or temperature is fairly very important. As we know, as well very hot or also warm, you may by natural means sweat or perspire, that will bring some undesirable reactions. 5) Do appropriate workouts. six) Drink enough drinking water. You are what you consume. And I’ve to say, you might be what you drink. Drink sufficient drinking water to clear your physique inside, which is actually successful and an effortless method to tackle Psoriasis.

However, you or your family members or friends have to do those issues above step by phase and know the particulars. So you need the guideline Psoriasis Free for Life to assist you to or your relatives or buddies remedy Psoriasis fast and healthily.

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