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The Challenge that Treatment for Psoriasis Is

As you read this article, you’ll probably find that you want to scratch yourself a lot. Researchers have found that itchiness can be a terribly suggestive thing. Like a yawn.

An itch can be a mild bother; why, to some people, scratching an itch that lasts no more than a few minutes can even be a little fun. When it lasts longer than that though – in fact, if it lasts for months, it can turn into a veritable nightmare. That’s what psoriasis is all about – a serious, disabling, unsightly rash that itches nonstop every minute of every living day. And you have to scratch yourself until you are raw and bleeding. Most people who suffer this way say that they would give up 10 years of their life for an effective treatment for psoriasis.

For some reason though, even if the disease is common enough, it doesn’t get the kind of attention it deserves. Go to a doctor asking for treatment for psoriasis, and pretty often, you get dismissed with some ointment or something. Whether it be research or treatment, those who itch don’t get the kind of respect they deserve.

Treatment for psoriasis happens to be kind of a moving target. What makes it so hard to treat is that it isn’t an infection. It’s a disagreement the body has with itself – an immune system disorder. You might find something that works for you if you’re lucky; but the treatment won’t last for long. Before long, you will find that you have to get back on the trail looking for something new. Topical ointments and lotions containing anthralin and coal tar are usually widely prescribed – even if they stain clothing. Corticosteroid drugs act quickly, but you can’t use of these drugs for very long without damaging your body. There are new vitamin-related prescription drugs like Tarolac and Vectical that seem to work well. For severe psoriasis, UVB ultraviolet light can be quite helpful. Doctors administer the light in carefully metered doses. If you have stubborn psoriasis, doctors recommend UVA. For the worst and most stubborn psoriasis, vitamin-related drugs like acitretin, and methotrexate often help. But there are serious side effects.

The latest in treatment for very serious psoriasis is a class of drugs known as Biologics. Doctors are pulling patients out of other kinds of treatment and getting them on biologics these days even if these drugs can be expensive and can come with serious side effects. Still, they are the best that medicine has today.


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