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The Disadvantages Of Using Illegal Bleaching Creams

Skin bleaching has been a popular solution all over the world for people who want to have a whiter skin tone . With the increase on the demand of bleaching creams, a corresponding increase on the supply rose. Many brands came out of nowhere. With the desire of some people of a lighter skin, they often forgot to do the proper method of skin bleaching and they want an instant result.

Some of these illegal bleaching creams have effective yet unsafe ingredients. They are effective because they can bleach the skin instantly but there might be some unhealthy effects of this not only to the skin but to the other organs of the body as well.

Although illegal bleaching creams are very affordable and accessible , it is not a hundred percent sure if it is made up of pure safe ingredients. What if some of its contents are mercury, hydroquinone, or estrogen? What do you think will happen ?

For sure, the first one to be affected is the skin. For the first time, skin bleaching might do any harm to your skin. But, continuous using of creams with harmful ingredients might damage the inner layers of your skin instead. They can also cause severe skin irritations .

One of harmful bleaching agent that is usually used is the Corticosteroids. We should be aware that high dose of this agent in illegal creams can cause a problem with the hormone levels. It disrupts the human body’s hormone system . With continuous exposure of the body to corticosteroids, the body will be immune to the steroid content of the corticosteroids. This will result to problems on the hormone level . Hormonal imbalance may then lead to problems in the reproductive system, excessive bruising and skin irregularities. It may even result to blood thinning.

A disease that was discovered as a result of over exposure to steroids from illegal bleaching cream was the Cushing’s syndrome. It was because of a hormonal imbalance. This syndrome results in the development of stretch marks, muscle weakness, fatigue, weak bones, thinning of the skin, anxiety and high blood pressure.

So, how do we protect ourselves from this danger ? Firstly, do not over use skin bleachers. There are some people, with the desire of fair skin, want an instant result so they apply over dose of bleachers on their skin. This should not be the case. The prescribed amount of cream to be applied should be followed in order to have a healthy result.

Also, to be sure that your cream is safe from toxic elements , buy your creams on trusted outlets. If you are planning to do the skin bleaching on your own, consult a doctor first. Ask for the proper procedure, proper care, and the dos and don’ts. Better yet, ask for a trusted brand of a skin bleacher.

The best way to avoid these side effects is not to use bleaching creams when it is not needed. Skin bleaching should be used only for skin problems. Let us just be contented with the colors of our skin, may it be dark or brown. It does not matter any way, for as long as you have a healthy skin.

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