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The Story Of Inflammation And The Skin

Let's talk about an insidious health issue … inflammation.

To begin, what exactly is inflammation? We all are aware of its effects: redness, swelling, pain, heat, and occasionally loss of mobility. But why does it happen?

The word "inflammation" comes from the Latin "inflammo," which means "I set alight, I ignite." Inflammation is a natural immune system response to anything that irritates or damages (or threatens to damage) our tissues. The offense identified by the immune system could be triggered by foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, parasites, toxins, or foreign bodies. Or, the target may not actually be a genuine offense, but a mistaken identification by the immune system of our own healthy tissues or organ systems — referred to as an autoimmune response.

While inflammation is a fundamental part of the healing process, the process can easily go awry or become excessive. When inflammation either continues too long, becomes excessive, or becomes chronic, the inflammation itself can trigger destruction. Besides that, excessive inflammation causes pain and discomfort.

Numerous pathological or unwanted skin problems either have an inflammatory aspect, or are triggered entirely by inflammation. The swelling and redness that occur with bruises, bumps, cuts, burns and various other skin injuries, as well as much of the discomfort associated with them, are inflammatory responses.

Also, numerous pathological conditions are associated with inflammation. Eczema, for instance, is basically inflammation of the skin. Psoriasis is also, in essence, an inflammatory condition. And ordinary rashes are, for the most part, symptoms of inflammation.

Inflammatory conditions of the skin are most often treated with topical steroids. Steroid treatment can frequently be truly effective, though in some cases the healing impact is short-term. Even when topical steroids work well to diminish inflammation, steroid therapy has inherent constraints and risks. The most common issue associated with topical steroids, and the reason why long-term steroid use should be avoided, is that persistent use of topical steroids can thin the skin. And, of course, healthy, attractive skin is thick, not thin.

Please watch the accompanying video for a 100% natural approach to treating inflammatory conditions of the skin without steroids, drugs or artificial substances:

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