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The Worst Telling Signs Of Aging

Damaged nails. Just like your skin, nails may find it hard to preserve moisture as we age. Dehydration is frequently exacerbated by those harsh soaps that we tend to use many times on any day. Several are known for alcohol content which will pull moisture out of the body, too. When you add nail polish, cosmetically, you are helping produce fragile nails.

Thinning hair. Much of the time this is down to hereditary factors or variations in the body’s hormones, however it may also be as a result of an imbalance of necessary elements within your diet, especially iron. For this reason you should try to find multi-vitamins which are rich in amino acids and specifically in B vitamins, plus a healthy, all around diet.

Yellowing teeth. The teeth are an additional telling sign of how old you are and if you do not look after them each day by brushing regularly, flossing each day and going to see your dentist frequently you may be in trouble. It is possible to whiten your teeth certainly, however you cannot easily hide receding gum lines and mostly unhealthy teeth.

Sagging skin. It’s not just sagging either, it is all those crow’s feet, dark circles, bags and wrinkles. These can be a few of the worst telling signs of aging, but here you have to try to find skincare solutions that are of the finest quality. The truth is, your skin is enduring a breakdown in the essential elastin and collagen proteins as well as an inability to maintain its tone, suppleness and elasticity.

There are a number of different aging signs that can be addressed specifically, but in general don’t forget that you have to conduct yourself properly every day and make wholesale lifestyle changes if needed.

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This post was written by NCFP_Assistant on July 4, 2011


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