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Treat Eczema In Children.

Childhood Eczema is increasing and is becoming a common problem for school age children. According to National Eczema society of UK it is a common disease effecting children up to one fifth of all children in the UK. The severity of this disease varies depending on the form of eczema present. Eczema in children shows its effect on the skin of the child and so the symptoms of this disease can also be judged from an inspection of the child’s skin. In its initial forms the skin is hot, itchy and dry while in more severe forms the skin becomes raw, broken and also results in bleeding which looks very unpleasant and causes uncomfortable ness, sleeplessness to child but it is not infectious and it cannot spread to others just by touch. The Aromatherapy treatment can reduce the effect of eczema in children. The treatment of Eczema can be carried out with Aromatherapy by the application of Essential Oils on the child through massage but before applying these essential oils it is better not to take the risk and you should consult a professional Aroma therapist rather than self prescribe this is to avoid any harm because these essential oils can cause harm to children if applied incorrectly. There is one experiment that has proved this. The experiment was done to find a better, efficient and effective solution for Eczema in children. The experiment was that a group consisting of eight children was taken to test the application of Aromatherapy. Two groups of children were randomly chosen and the first group received aromatherapy in which there were 36 common essential oils used. These Essential oils were German Chamomile, Thyme, spike, lavender, benzoin and Litsea cubeba. While another group of children received massage without essential oils. This was done for the period of eight weeks in which massage was given by the therapist once a week while for remaining times mother gave massage to their children. The treatments were evaluated day by day. Both groups of children showed improvements but there was not a difference between the two groups. As a final note of this experiment the use of essential oils in the treatment of child eczema has no significant results achieved.

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