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Treatment for Psoriasis – what to expect

Treatment Options

Once you get your psoriasis diagnosed, your doctor will recommend or prescribe a course of treatments for you. If your psoriasis is mild, then you may be recommended over the counter treatments, otherwise you are likely to be prescribed medicated treatments. There are a range of treatment options for psoriasis, and doctors tend to start out by trying the options with the least severe side effects first. If these topical treatments fail, then they move onto phototherapy and systemic treatments.

Non-medicated Emollient Creams

If your psoriasis is not severe then it is likely that you will be prescribed an emollient cream, which is basically a hypoallergenic moisturising cream. This will help to moisturise the skin and help prevent the plaques from drying out and cracking. This in turn prevents the pain and itching, and will help aid the healing process. There are also a range of natural, herbal psoriasis treatment creams available over the counter.

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