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Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis: What you need to know

Scalp psoriasis affects over half of those who suffer from psoriasis. Essentially it is just where a flare up of psoriasis occurs on the scalp; however the usual treatments for psoriasis are difficult to apply to this area.

Will it come back?

As with most forms of psoriasis, scalp psoriasis can come and go. For some it may disappear completely and others it may come back after a period of remission. Treatments for scalp psoriasis are effective, and the symptoms should be cleared after a few weeks of treatment.

How do I manage it?

Scalp psoriasis can often be managed at home with medicated shampoos and conditioners. There are many specially formulated shampoos on the market that are mild enough not to cause aggravation, and medicated to help sooth and soften the plaque. These shampoos help to soften the scale ready for removal, and can be used even after symptoms have passed to keep your scalp healthy.

When do I go to the doctor?

If your scalp is covered with thick scale, or you are not noticing any effects from a medicated shampoo, then consult your GP. He may arrange a visit to a specialist dermatologist, or prescribe a different sort of treatment.

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